Germinating under 12/12

I started a Blueberry from seed in 12/12 cycle with other plants in the flowering room. In exactly two weeks the plant is already producing thick buds and is already 11 inches in height, Have you ever heard of this?

Plants that are germinated under 12/12 light cycle are forced into flowering. Some varieties, especially Sativas and Sativa-Indica hybrids continue to grow vegetatively as they flower. Equatorial Sativas use indicators other than photoperiod to initiate flowering because there isn’t seasonal variation of day-length at the 0? latitude (the equator). They continue to grow taller under 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness daily until they reach a certain height pre-determined by variety. Once they reach that size, they concentrate more on flowering.

Indicas react differently to forcing. They immediately stop vegetative growth and grow flowers. Hybrids fall somewhere between these growth patterns. They continue to grow as they flower. The degree to which they do this varies by their genetics. Your Blueberry plant has a controlled version of this trait.

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