Oregon Hemp Fest

All Systems Go for Hempfest in July!

Hempfest will be held this year on July 16-17, 2005, in Eugene, Oregon. From now until summer, much work remains to be done. Please consider assisting the effort by becoming a volunteer, donor, or sponsor. We could sure use your help!

The Oregon Hempfest site consists of the following pages:

  • To read about upcoming events and the latest news, consult the News page.
  • To participate in the planning and execution of Hempfest 2005, check the Volunteers page.
  • For information on sponsorship, and a list of current sponsors, see the Sponsors page.
  • To donate to the cause of Hempfest, visit the Donations page.
  • To give us a piece of your mind, use the Contact Us page.
  • Friends of Hempfest and hemp-friendly websites are featured on the Links page.
  • Are you watching Eugene Cannabis Television every week on Channel 29? Get the details on the TV Show page.

Show Your Support and Help the Cause! Limited volunteer positions are still available if you act now; sign up to become a Hempfest volunteer today. Click on the sign and get over to the Volunteers page for more information.

Our Mission. The purpose of Oregon Hempfest is to unite our citizens in calling for sweeping reforms in America’s laws against cannabis and hemp. Hemp is a uniquely valuable plant: it provides high levels of key nutrients, relieves symptoms for patients suffering from an array of medical conditions, and can be made into environmentally positive products such as clothing, paper, paint, biodegradable plastics, and replacements for fossil fuels. Please join us in the fight to roll back prohibition and increase production and usage of one of the world’s most beneficial plants!

What Really Happened with Hempfest 2004? Read the special report by Dank Bagman and find out.

Please contact us (Oregon Hempfest) with your comments and suggestions.