How to do it

On occasion, I have seen close-up pictures of nice big frosty buds, and they have made me curious. How does one take a picture of those lovely individual trichomes? How can growers take those kind of photos at home?
As the blooming season got closer, I was able to get my hands on a jewelers magnifying glass. I was hoping to find a 30x lens, but finding one big enough to take a picture through was a problem. In the end I settled for a 10x lens that had a view just large enough for my purpose.

Anticipation grew as I made my trek to the secret location of the garden. I was concerned when I hit the road because it was a cloudy morning, but the sun broke loose about half an hour before arriving at my spot. I needed that bright sunlight to get the trichomes to really show up in my photos!

After taking some time to go over my ladies, I got out the magnifying glass and looked at the glistening buds. After checking out the different strains that surrounded me, it was time to take some pictures. I used a Sony P72 digital camera, which comes with 3.2 mega pixels and 3x optical zoom.

Since I had no experience in photographing trichomes, or what kind of special equipment is used, I was learning as I went. I used the sunlight to show the crystal glares of the trichomes. I held the magnifying glass near the bud, and placed the camera against the glass. As I looked through the 1.3 inch picture viewer, I could zoom in and out and find a setting where the camera would focus on the shot I wanted. Sometimes I moved the magnifying glass and camera together, to help find the right focus. Of course, I found taking lots of pictures allows for mistakes and adjustments to be made!

With a little work and effort you can get really cool photos too. Try it sometime and you’ll see a whole new world when you do!