Lethal Glass

I let Cannabis Culture come by my glass shop, Lethal Glassworks, on Vancouver Island. Working with a Glass Torch Technologies torch which runs at 2000?F or higher, I made them a Sherlock bubbler. I work with borosilicate (pyrex) glass and colored glasses from Northstar.
Completed pieces go into the Aim Manufacturing kiln at a temperature of 1140?F (615?C). They are heated and slowly cooled in the kiln in a process called “annealing,” to relieve stress in the glass. The kiln cools to room temperature overnight.

111. Blowing out a section where the bowl will be.

222. Blowing the section that will make the ‘can.’ This part holds the water that will make a Sherlock bubbler with a three piece can.

333. I’m popping holes in the bottom of the downstem to make an aerator.

444. Holding the aerator in a claw to finish. Set in kiln to stay hot, to be used later (see #13).

555. Shaping the stem into a Sherlock style.

666. Attaching first wiggidy section to bubbler can.

777. Reheating the piece to prevent cracking, before attaching second wiggidy section.

888. Attaching second section.

999. Working the second section.

101010. Switching glass rods to insert the aerator.

111111. Removing first handle, reheating the piece.

121212. Opening an area where the bowl will be.

131313. Aerator gets added, creating the bowl.

141414. Opening an area where the stem gets welded.

151515. Welding bubbler can to Sherlock stem.

161616. Heating up the base of the piece, it’s then set on a graphite sheet making a flat base.

171717. Popping a hole that makes the carb.

181818. Adding a dichroic marble to the stem.

191919. The finished piece is set in the kiln to cool (anneal). This takes about eight hours.

202020. Some of my recent pieces.

212121. Smokin’ the finished piece down at the BCMP Bookstore.

222222. Cobalt blue Sherlock bubbler 3-piece can with dichroic marble and aerator: about three hours work.

I have been working here for two years.

I sell my glass across Canada and locally.

Like my work? Contact me at 250 208 1528; [email protected]