Fourth of July Hemp Coalition 35th Anniversary Smoke-In

The Rally, March and Concert to End Marijuana Prohibition (A.K.A. the Fourth of July Smoke-In) is now celebrating its 35th Anniversary in the nation’s capital!
The purpose of this event is to protest marijuana prohibition by exercising our constitutional rights: our right to petition the government for redress of grievances, our right to peaceful assembly, our right of free speech and our right of a free press.

Some people are confused about the purpose of this demonstration. We want to tell you NOW that if you decide to smoke marijuana at the rally, you will be breaking the law and you might be arrested. There is no permit to consume marijuana; no such permit exists.

The Rally starts at “High Noon” in Lafayette Park (North Side of the White House). Activists from the front line of the War on Drugs comment on the progress of ending marijuana prohibition.

The March Walk the Peace Mile. At 3pm we march from Lafayette Park to the concert site near the Lincoln Memorial.

The Concert begins at 2pm at 23rd and Constitution Ave. Musical performers and activist speakers will present a colorful message relating to our cause.

At 8:50pm we are required by the Park Service to shut down our sound system so that it will not interfere with the National Park Service fireworks display. For a great view of the fireworks near the concert site, check out the front steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

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