Listen to new medical marijuana radio ads

Turn on the radio soon, and you might hear TV host Montel Williams, author Tom Robbins, or Supreme Court plaintiff Angel Raich talking about medical marijuana.
In the first-ever campaign of its kind, the Marijuana Policy Project this week launched a series of radio public service announcements featuring all three of these VIPs.

The 30- and 60-second spots have already begun airing nationally. Listen for yourself here !

Four of the ads feature America’s two most well-known medical marijuana patients ? Montel Williams, who illegally uses marijuana to treat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis … and Supreme Court plaintiff Angel Raich, who illegally uses marijuana to treat life-threatening wasting syndrome, seizures, an inoperable brain tumor, and severe chronic pain.

Another pair of ads features novelist Tom Robbins, who describes his mother’s battle with glaucoma. “Her conservative Virginia physician told her there was only one treatment that might ease her pain and save her eyesight,” Robbins explains. “That treatment was marijuana, which he could not prescribe … So my mother, who loved to read and walk in nature, was condemned to go cruelly, unnecessarily blind.”

Would you please contact your local radio stations and ask them to play MPP’s public service announcements? They can be downloaded here , or the radio station representative can contact MPP at [email protected].

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Rob Kampia
Executive Director
Marijuana Policy Project
Washington, D.C.

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