Pot peoples Royal Family persecuted by prosecution

The Bennett FamilyThe Bennett Family“The rain falls on the Good and Bad alike” it’s said, but still, it’s sad to see innocents caught in the cross hairs of crossfire, in any war. Be it for Right or Injustice causes.
It’s true also that everyone laments of personal problems. HIV myself, having just, visited my 82 year old mother in Kelowna, who worries about me and says, she be close to death. Lately I may have been feeling sorry for myself and even lashing out.

On the Grey Biatch, that long haul back, once we’d hit Chilliwack, I shared the seats with a Native man who was going to see his boy in children’s hospital battling lung cancer, which for a while, it did put things in perspective.

That, of course, and the news on Cannabis Culture’s main page about a close and very dear, friend to me, which I saw once I got home: “Renee’ Boje Ordered Out of Canada!

I knew the story off by heart, although, I’d not been there at the start. It was one of the first stories I did ever write; it was of Renee’ Boje’s appearance at Supreme BC provincial court house, that cold Feburary , I think it, 2001. She was looking fresh, her blond hair, in traditional ponytails and a pale blue hippy dress .


Same time as this was, that Hilary Black, our savoir to the sick and illing, was being praised in the press for her work with we med-pot patients meeting often with the Health Minister then M.P Alan Rock. Her Sistah in Arms Renee, was being persecuted by this prosecution, this seemed to Hil: “so wrong.”

The Bennett FamilyRenee was then taken into custody and QC John Conroy her to defend, had rushed past the reporters to go upstairs to register a quick appeal . Bill small’s put up his house for bail. The reporters scummed around the Prosecutor who stated that it was no longer a decision of the courts, but was up to the minister of Justice . Now it was a ‘political issue ‘ for the people.

The Minister’s choice was to so, to decide then if our forest Faerie-Queen, surreal, could in Canada reside and be stay safe from the flick of Amerika’s Drug War dragon’s tail.

Queen’s Council, John Conroy, skool’d he, in Civil Rights, had bought us some time of Drug War Peace. “Sweet,” as it were it did not last…

Chris Bennett, author of “Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible,” ( forbiddenfruitpublishing.com/home.html ) and Pot-tv.net manager , (Prohibitionist Media’s most fearsome rival) with Renee and me, together we, cleaned out the debris left over from the Hemp BC Raid to raise a buck or two, with an event called “Cannabliss” to help her in her time of need & with the court costs due that would ensue .


The Romance that soon grew between these two, it be so strong it did inspire even Jill and I to marry the day after and beside them. Although my marriage soon fell apart, a glorious Hieros Gamos it was that took place at Roberts Creek Hall in Gibson’s, with more than 200 hard-core activists that attended. Marc Emery picking up the tab for most, if not all, expenses:


The Bennett FamilyRev. Chris Conrad, lawyerand leading hemp activist in California, agreed to perform both ceremonies, on behalf of the “Church of the Universe.” Rows of chairs had been set up and tapestries hung from the ceiling giving the old hall a mediaeval-cathedral feel, that put to shame the Harry Potter set designers.

Renee looked radiant, her pregnant tummy painted in green with fertility symbols and many faerie-maids, around her served.

“Today Chris and Renee shall breath of smoke and be bound by a life bond through the sanctity of this shared smoke, these two souls are knit as one.” Chris Conrad did pray.

“Honor them with High honor” the crowd so assembled, intoned back, more, that wedding day, than thrice.

Chris & Renee gave a bow back and she emitted a huge puff of holy smoke. No doubt: The Child too leapt with joy within her kind Womb.

“What child is this? What marvelous sign from heaven sent? Be they, the gods upon Olympus did send us this gift of joy to lead us ; who are oppressed out of the darkness of this civil drug war which pits us : brother against brother?” I’d queried.

Peter McWilliamsPeter McWilliamsRenee just smiled at me and my Greek mythology; her beautiful eyes contained a sparkle as she denied anything so divine had taken place. Not to the Greek myths, were it due, or their enemies the Spartan’s sacrifices, more, to the Trojan, on that sacred night of Shiva’s conception, which could not hold back the Will or Force of the four Fates who spin out in Karmic tapestry our Destinies.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife” Conrad announced…

“Let Fertility reign! “Let Fertility Reign” we all that day cried. “For Life!” cried Eros “Until Death” rejoined Thanatos. The bride and groom kissed joyously and Thanatos, He, extinguished the candles and rang the gong announcing “The ceremony has ended!”

The Grey sky so unusally cold and rain so hard for a June 17 , this 2005. It was a day most pot-heads you would well imagine may have kept to their beds, thier heads under the covers.

Yet, outside the Smythe street Vancouver Supreme Court House today at 8:30 AM, a large crowd of the Baby Shiva’s family’s supporters had assembled to greet the reporters and cameras that there waited.

The reign of our temporary time of drug war peace against the US Monster had passed and it demanded, again it’s sacrifice. The stakes had in the mid- time rose, baby Shiva, now as Lamb, it demanded. The family of three would pay the price for the DEA photograph of Renee upon that, Bel Aire patio, her spritzing, a plant to better illustrate it had required.

She had met, Peter Williams, HIV like I, and Tod McCormick, rumored Hilary Black’s lover, in California, in those heady times after Steve Kubby and wife had passed Prop. 215 in California, which was supposed: to be designed to protect those who grew or smoked , the sacred, healing kind herb. At that time in Californian history, it was not to hard to convince Renee of her safety, so amazed she was and impressed at the liberty with which Peter did host grand pot parties and rituals, in the Bel Aire home he leased. As a publisher and author too he had done quite well with books, written libertarian, like: “Ain’t Nobody’s Buisness if I Do.”

Flash and Bill Smalls (left)Flash and Bill Smalls (left)In fact, now, that it was all quite legal, Peter had filled his mansion, be it two doors down from Ronald Regan’s, with plants smelled both of Indica and Sativa, to study them at his own leisure. Renee was offered then the job to illustrate his next great work: “How to Grow Medical Marijuana” which she, a student of art, gratefully accepted.

She would have too taken the rap, although the guards, scourged and threatend to rape her, she escaped upon the advice of her, now dead lawyer, she fled to we in 1998 here in Canada, rather than, her friends to them rat out.

Tod McCormick to ten years in prison was condemned, and Peter McWilliams R.I.P. a much worse fate: Pete choked on his own pills and vomit and died, his medicine having been by D.E.A. and Courts denied. Could be whispered: “They Murdered Him.”

Once here, our ‘Pot Prince’ Emery, Hilary and Bill Smalls and others, did their best to watch Renee’s back . It is also said : “Ve get too soon Oldt und too late Schmart.” In hindsight it weren’t that wise, to hide Renee in a grow for the club of Bill’s, that Alas, soon, too was busted . (Tho Bill took on all the charges and survived with just an ‘Absolute Discharge.’)

Inside the Supreme Court building, of grandiose design, I did a head count and soon did find the court room pews filled beyond standing with the elder family members of theirs and outside the oak doors heavy, the cr?me de le cr?me of this movement gathered. I did a head count ,at first I counted a good crowd of 50, which then grew in size and built up from 75 to past 100, of us there assembled. Someone, said the group reminded then of Renee and Chris’s wedding date yet more it was like a funeral procession or wake. We all holding our breath and each other near…

It was indeed a miracle to see that Baby Shiva played joyously with his Grandpa and David Levine’s Rielle. The babe did not seem to tell, that behind our smiles for him, in our eyes, tears did dwell.

Flash and Bill Smalls (left)A June 16 written decision described as “horrific” by Bennett, Cotler did not relinquish, but tried instead to vanquish Renee from us. With his edict he so ordered her to surrender to Canadian authorities at the federal courthouse and be taken handcuffed before a judge next day, to appeal for judicial review and bail.

This was the reason we all had to her side appeared, trying our best to quell our fears. If she was not granted bail, she would soon be transferred into US federal custody and flown to the United States, where she would face criminal charges and years in prison for the DEA photographic evidence taken now near 10 years ago which proved her “Guilt,” although, no “Guilt” in our eyes, or, within her mind, resides.

Below I’ve placed a link to the official report by Canadian Liberal Justice Minister, Irwin Cotler, in PDF format for your convience. Even with a fine tooth comb, or mircoscope you’ll not find a trace of “Justice” in any of it:


I wish a happier ending had this faery Tale of Love true, Bravery, Courage and Romance, I could you give…

John Conroy had all the court documents and papers at the ready, and those of us gathered as she was released, at least until September 15, to us did rejoice to have her and Shiva back a while; to see again Rene’s mother’s smiles, as she looked upon the babe wrapped in her arms looking away from the flash of cameras and reporters sharp questions. A judge had ruled that Cotler’s decision should be reviewed back again, in the Canadian court system.

Of Cotler’s role, in all of this Chris Bennett to CBC, City TV, CTV and, all the yellow press, lamented:

“He’s showing no compassion in his decision, no evidence of human rights types of ideas. It’s purely a political decision… used my wife as a gold chip in the world of commerce with America, to continue ensured trade relations and other relations with America.”

As so, it seemed as well to me. How it was that anyone in government could define this as “Family Values?” Be they even that hay-seed M.P., Randy White of Abbotsford, Conservative, or now, Liberal Justice Minister Cotler, whom, votes collect by making our sad fates, their ‘business’ who won on word woman’s rights and opressed he would us protect.

This attempt: to pull apart, and destroy ,our pot people’s ‘Royal Family’ as but a petty sacrificial offering to the United in thier Fear, our southern neighbours. The Justice Minister he has washed his blood of the lamb soiled hands to continue on our collective, Canna-cultural genocide and extinction of our Life giving Herb.

Seems this to me, to make my personal problems be, by comparison, trivial and insignificant. I ask you this: “Would you not agree with me?”