Cannabis Culture Magazine and Contest Winners!

Cannabis Culture magazine and hosted a lot of contests lately ? a few of which have ended this June ? with many, many winners! From Pot-TV’s “The Contest” to a CC subscriber Tokers Bowl give-away, we list all the winners of our fabulous prizes!
Stay tuned for more to come!

The Cannabis Culture Magazine Subscriber Contest: Tokers Bowl Holiday Giveaway!

These winners were chosen in a draw of all current Cannabis Culture subscribers.

1st Prize: Airfare, Hotel, & Tokers Bowl All-Access Judges Pass (value: $2,000) plus a signed copy of Grow Like A Pro, 36 CC back issues, and a CC t-shirt ($120):
Troy W. in Pennsylvania

2nd Prize: Signed copy of Grow Like A Pro, 36 CC back issues, and a CC t-shirt (value: $120):
Gerry in Carcross, Yukon Territories

3rd Prize: Signed copy of Grow Like A Pro, 36 CC back issues, and a CC t-shirt (value: $120):
Shari in Wellsburg, West Virginia

Troy has been presented with his TB Holiday, and Gerry and Shari will have their prizes mailed out this week.

12 Runner-up Prizes: Grow Like A Pro, Cannabis Culture posters, postcards, and rolling papers

DB in Raleigh
FH in Minnesota
SS in Worcester
RI in Encinatas
WR in Stevenson
JH in Olney
BL in Winnipeg
JM in Castle Rock
BJ in Daie-Caveau
ED in Sainte-Therese
PM in Athabasca, Alberta
MM in Port Alberni

The Contest!The Contest!THE CONTEST on

140 entries were received, sampled, and judged by Chris Bennett, Marijuana Man, and Marc Emery with friends in 12 episodes of “The Contest” on

Of those 140 samples, we deemed these 10 to be the best of all submissions. Winners of “The Contest” received $6,000 in prizes!

(In most cases, winners have been awarded their prizes, but a few applicants have yet to contact us.)

1st Prize: Flight, Hotel, and Tokers Bowl All-Access Judges Pass (Value: $2,000):
Mr. GreenGenes of Tennessee for SOUTHERN AFGHANI (13.6 out of 15)

2nd Prize: Hotel & Tokers Bowl All-Access Judges Pass (value: $1400):
Solar Warrior of British Columbia for his own strain EARLY WONDER SKUNK (13.59)

3rd prize: Tokers Bowl All-Access Judges Pass, or a Volcano Vaporizer ($800 – $950):
Babaku for KC-36 (13.5)

4th Prize: 7-bag Bubblehash BubbleBags! ($400):
Little Big Way for AFGHAN DREAM (13.495)

5th Prize: 3-bag Bubblehash BubbleBags ($275):
Babaku for SAGE (13. 49)

6th Prize: Happy Vappy vaporizer ($229):
Babaku for AMNESIA HAZE (13.35)

7th Prize: Spacecase Deluxe Grinder ($150):
Van for ORGANIC HEMPSTAR (13.35)

8th Prize: Hardcover Cannabible (by Jason King) #1 & #2 ($120):
Babaku for KC-33 (13.3)

9th Prize: Self-Contained Charcoal Filter ($100):
Master Yoda for YODA (13.25)

10th Prize: Organic Growing with Soma book ($30):
Jason for MAZAR (13.19)

Naked MarcNaked MarcThe Naked Marc Contest

Readers were asked to find the two photos of Marc in Cannabis Culture Magazine #55 (June/July) in which he has no shirt on. (It was mostly done for laughs, but we just had to share!)

All 30 people below win $50 Marc Emery Seed gift certificates, or ten seeds from Liberty Seeds. These will be mailed out this week to the following:

PM in Athabasca, Alberta
HZ in Santa Cruz
CK in Leroy, NY
BR in Santa Cruz
RL in Lakewood, WA
DM in Redding, CA
TG in Las Vegas
KM in Salem, Mass
DF in Baraga, Mich
CH in Salt Lake City (‘cuz she’s cute)
MD in Durham, NC
TW in Cedar Creek, Texas
SH in Ocala, Fla.
DD in Vancouver, BC
DP in Kelowna, BC
I&J in New Westminster, BC
SY in Lloydminster, Alberta
JV in Noyan, Quebec
JS in Toronto, Ontario
TB in Oil Springs, Ontario
RC in Hayfork, CA
MD in Cincinnati, Ohio
JD in Las Vegas, Nevada
D&C in Kelowna, BC
MM in Sunnyvale, Oregon
SB in Hampton, NY
CM in McKinleyville, CA
RR in Groveland, CA
FL in Mexico City, Mexico
NM in Tusket, Nova Scotia

Hemp shoesHemp shoesCannabis Culture Magazine Hemp Sneaker Contest

From CC #54 (April/May)
The sneakers shown in the magazine were misplaced in the CC office, but we have sent out a size 9 pair I-PATH hemp shoes (value $110 US) from the BCMP Bookstore to the person who emailed with the best reason to win.

He is now happily wearing some of the coolest, planet-friendly sneakers available.

Crossword from CC54Crossword from CC54Cannabis Culture #54 (April/May) Pot Puzzler

1st prize: $100 gift certificate for Marc Emery Seeds:
MD in Lakeburn, New Brunswick

2nd & 3rd Prize: Cannabis Culture Gift Packs:
HC in Powell River, BC
AB in Rockford, Illinois

Crossword from CC55Crossword from CC55Cannabis Culture #55 (June/July) Pot Puzzler

There are now 5 fabulous prizes! We are still accepting submissions for issue #55 until July 2nd!

Email your answer to [email protected], or fax to 604-684-0592.

1st Prize: Happy Vappy Vaporizer (value $229) and a 24-issue subscription to CC Magazine
2nd Prize: Happy Vappy Vaporizer
3rd Prize: $100 Marc Emery Seeds gift certificate
4th Prize: $50 Marc Emery Seeds gift certificate
5th Prize: 6-issue subscription to CC Magazine

The Return of Out Yourself!

To be seen in Cannabis Culture #57 (October/November).
$50 Marc Emery Seeds gift certificates will be sent to:

TY and SY in Campbellford
VH in Banning
LT in Barbados, West Indies
MH in Henderson
JM in Comox Valley, BC
WR in Toronto
MC in Gibsons, BC
EC in Campbell River, BC
Andre du Plessis in Capetown, South Africa

The Return of Show Your Grow!

Cannabis Culture #56 (August/September) is out July 5th!
Two great growers and Next Generation Seeds dominated this issue’s Show Your Grow.
Three full pages of reader photos to come in CC #57 (October/November)!

$50 Marc Emery Seeds gift certificate and a CC Gift Pack were sent to:
TM in Sweet Home, Oregon
TY in Campbellford

Trafficking Board Game Giveaway

Cannabis Culture #56 (August/September) ? on newsstands and in bookstores July 5th ? has 10 free Trafficking board games to give away, on page 91. Each game worth $35, and provided by the makers of Trafficking.

Tokers Bowl board gameTokers Bowl board gameFREE Ganja Games!

See page 68 of Cannabis Culture #55, soon to be taken off your newsstand and bookstore shelves. Issue #55 (June/July) also contains the wonderful hit centerfold, the Tokers Bowl Game by Dana Larsen.

We still have 10 free games left to give away! Win Stoner Fluxx, the Grow-Op Game, Grass card game, or an authentic Fed’s ‘n Heads foldout game (from Playboy, 1970). Buy the latest issue to find out how!

Cannabis Culture #56Cannabis Culture #56Cannabis Culture #56 (August/September) ? Coming Your Way Soon!

If you haven’t got your copy of Cannabis Culture #55 (June/July), get it now because they’re only available until July 4th!

Cannabis Culture #56 (August/September) is in hemp stores now. Subscribers receive their new issue in the mail by June 25th. Newsstands and bookstores will carry issue #56 from July 5th to September 6th.

Be sure to pick up this first issue done entirely by the new CC staff, and let us know what you think of the changes.

Peace & pot!Cannabis Culture #56