Genetic drug war

The early 1900’s saw tens of thousands of the mentally ill, physically infirm, racial minorities and pot smokers removed from the gene pool by involuntary surgical sterilization in a program known as “eugenics.”
Today, this policy is making a comeback, as the US government is working to identify and eliminate the genes supposedly responsible for marijuana use and drug addiction. Of course, this policy means identifying and eliminating drug users themselves from the gene pool.

Gene warfare

In 2003, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), doled out $5.85 million to the Roskamp Institute at the University of South Florida to find the genes supposedly responsible for predisposing people to drug addiction. The team, headed by MD Patricia Ordorica, still continues their research, using the latest in “gene chip and protein analysis technology.” In other words, they use chips, implanted in the body of the subject, in an attempt to discover which genes are activated by the use of euphoric substances.1

The Roskamp Institute’s project was but one of the many genetic drug addiction projects funded with millions from ONDCP coffers. Between 2000 and 2003, the ONDCP’s annual strategy reports listed “stopping use before it starts” as a top priority. They specifically fund genetic research into drug addiction to “provide more effective and targeted prevention and education efforts.”2

Integrated screening

Although full genetic screening is still in development, massive screening programs are already underway to identify and eliminate pot smokers and other undesirables from the gene pool.

A massive new program of “integrated drug abuse screening” in schools is the main feature of the New Freedom Initiative (NFI), a White House program launched in 2003, which targets racial minorities and the poor as populations at “high risk” of substance abuse problems. The government is essentially masquer-ading nationwide drug screening as “mental health testing.”

The NFI brazenly calls for government workers to be cross-trained to perform “substance abuse screening” at the same time that they do mental health screening ? lumping pot smokers into the same bag as the chronically depressed, schizophrenics and sufferers of multiple personality disorder.

The proposed nationwide substance-abuse screening program would bring race and class profiling to a whole new level. The NFI report asked government screeners to target supposedly “high risk” populations, explicitly mentioning “American Indians, Alaskan Natives, African Americans, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Hispanic Americans,” as well as people who are “poor, uninsured, or homeless”. Meanwhile, the US government’s own statistics show that illegal drug use is equally popular among the rich and poor, and that 72% of all illicit drug users are white.3

Eugenics overdrive

It isn’t the first time that pot smokers, the poor and minorities have been targeted in a nationwide mental health screening program that blames genetics for “deviant” behavior, thanks in part to the work of America’s foremost eugenics pioneer Harry Laughlin.

Founder of the Eugenics Record Office in 1910, paid consultant for countless US agencies, author of model legislation that inspired sterilization laws in 30 states, and a believer in one-world government ruled by a superior race, Laughlin’s Classification standards was the bible for collecting data to identify potential criminals by genetic traits.4

Although federal laws against marijuana would not be enacted in the US until 1937, Classification standards, which was published in 1922, remarkably notes “hashish” as a “habit forming drug,” and classifies users of hashish as “inebriates and drug addicts” or, more specifically, as “narcomaniacs.”5 (It is likely not a coincidence that the anachronistic term “inebriate” is used by the anti-drug, New Freedom Initiative-funded Fighting Back Partnership, in the title of their “Public Inebriates” program.)

Eugenecist Harry Laughlin marketed forced sterilizations to the nation by rationalizing that criminal parents gave birth to criminal children.

Eugenics era persecution and sterilization of racial minorities for mental illness and drug abuse is what originally led to the Holocaust, in which Hitler’s cronies killed millions. Inspired by the work of American eugenicists, the Nazi government enacted the 1933 Law for the prevention of congenitally ill progeny, and awarded eugenicist Harry Laughlin an honorary degree from the University of Heidelberg.6

The 1933 law eventually blossomed into the full Nazi program of “racial hygiene” that first saw up to 375,000 sterilized and then millions exterminated.

Many American eugenicists supported this “final solution” for the US as well, hoping to eliminate deteriorated bloodlines from Virginia and replace them with “pioneer stock.”7 In the early 1900’s, California was the leader in both eugenics and prohibition, having enacted the nation’s first anti-pot laws in 1913, and having sterilized 2,500 of the nations first 3,000 sterilized “undesirables” by 1924.8

At this time, criminalized Californian tokers and traffickers were prey to a gruesome three-strikes law that saw repeat offenders subject to prison-house castrations.9 Although exact records on the number of pot-heads who fell victim to this torture are unknown, it is a recorded fact that between 1920 and 1922 alone, California sterilized 19 drug and alcohol users that were held in government institutions.10 The Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia had similar laws allowing the forced sterilization of inmates.11

Sadly, President Bush ? who now supports a eugenics approach to the war on drugs ? was likely influenced by his family’s longstanding support for racial hygiene. The tangled web of connections can be traced to the Bush family’s alliance with the massively wealthy and well-connected Drapers.

In the 1930s William Draper, working with the Du Pont and Rockefeller families, established the Population Crisis Committee, which promoted eugenics for population control. Working closely with Prescott Bush, Draper also created and funded the International Eugenics Congress, which promoted Hitler’s mission of “national and international racial hygene.” When Prescott Bush ran for office in 1950, his connections with the eugenics movement were exposed, and he lost. Nazi politics weren’t popular in post WWII America, but it wasn’t long before the Bushes and Drapers would make a comeback.

William Draper and Prescott Bush’s sons, William H Draper III and George Bush Sr, banded together to continue their fathers’ unholy mission. Draper III led the fundraising effort for Bush Sr’s presidential campaign in 1980. After Bush Sr was elected, Draper III headed depopulation activities at the United Nations. George Bush Sr’s son, George W. Bush, also benefitted from the Draper’s financial support in his successful presidential bid.12

These startling revelations can lead to only one conclusion. The drug war is part of a large scale effort to make room for the world’s elite and their children by disposing of the poor and minorities, and nationwide substance abuse screening is but the foothold of an historically entrenched genocide.

Screening the screeners

The 2003 New Freedom Initiative report was largely ignored by the mainstream press until June 2004, when the British Medical Journal published a story titled “Bush to Screen Everyone for Mental Illness,” which unfortunately missed the substance abuse angle.

The story uncovered how major pharmaceutical companies helped engineer the NFI’s project and planned to cash in by selling anti-psychotic and anti-depressant drugs to millions of new patients. Eli Lilly was among them, a corporation which once featured Bush Sr on the board of directors, and a current multi-million dollar donor to Bush Jr and the Republican Party.

The White House’s 2005 budget contains $23 million to accomplish the NFI’s goals. What those goals are, and how the NFI money will be spent in 2005, has yet to be covered by media anywhere. A misperception exists that the $23 million is only for mental health screening, but the list of beneficiaries buried deep in the act shows that much the money is going to fund countless anti-drug initiatives.

Some notable recipients in the field of education include: the Corporate Alliance for Drug Education, who are for an “elementary school-based prevention program to teach children to reject substance abuse;” the Fighting Back Partnership for “an intervention, treatment and aftercare program for students identified with drug and alcohol use;” and Center County, Pennsylvania, for “targeting the prevention of drug use by students.”

Documentation available from these three programs shows that their goals include brainwashing children with anti-drug propaganda and training teachers to identify drug users for treatment, expulsion and criminal investigation.13

In addition to the New Freedom Initiative’s $23 million payout, the White House gave $5 million to the Federal Department of Education for “Mental Health Integration in Schools,” to be administered by the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools. This office provides hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to schools across the nation for drug testing programs.13

The 2003 NFI report further outlined the government’s plan to turn substance abuse screening into a massive federal program, which would see substance abuse screening in every school in the US. How soon a federal program might come together is unknown.

One thing is sure. Last year, the US government claimed that marijuana is a greater threat than cocaine or heroin, founded the Marijuana Potency Project to implement its new policy, and is more strongly committed than ever to eliminating pot heads, by any means possible.

Killing potheads for profit

Since pot smoking is a mental illness under the NFI, pot-users caught by the president’s new screening program will have their favorite herb replaced by patented mood-altering drugs like Eli Lilly’s antidepressant Zyprexa.

Sadly, it’s likely that the very real side effects of pharmaceuticals far outweigh even the imagined side-effects of pot that are routinely cooked up in phony White House funded studies. Last year, the US Food and Drug Administration required manufacturers of antidepressants to put labels on their products warning that they, “increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior” especially in children and teens.14

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