Fill the Hill 2005

It’s 2005, and Canadians are still victims of our country’s failed marijuana policy. As the Senate Committee on Illegal Drugs unanimously concluded in 2002 after an exhaustive 20 month investigation: prohibition causes more harm to Canadians than marijuana itself.
We don’t have to look far for proof:

  • Respect for the political and legal system has been eroded
  • Medical marijuana patients do not have safe access to quality medicine
  • Marijuana is more readily available in our schools than cigarettes or alcohol
  • StatsCan: There were 93,000 drug charges in 2003, of which 75% are for marijuana
  • Marijuana offences remain a pretext for search, detention, and arrest
  • Marijuana continues to be a lucrative source of revenue for organized crime

    Last year, Fill The Hill was one of the biggest and most successful pro-marijuana rallies in Canada. Take advantage of your chance to come out to this great party and be a part of history!

    See you on the Hill!

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