Differences between recreational and medical marijuana

What is the difference between medical and commercial pot?
Claire E,
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The difference is not necessarily in the marijuana or the way that it is grown, but in how it is used. Recreational marijuana users are looking for novel states of consciousness that are pleasant and interesting. Connoisseurs seek different highs for different circumstances and to create different moods.

Medical marijuana users seek varieties that either modify conditions such as nausea or glaucoma, or act as analgesics or as pain separators. People who use it for psychological reasons look for qualities that relieve their gnawing symptoms.

Often, patients seek milder varieties than recreational users, since they aren’t interested in the same type of potency. They may prefer a variety that is potent in its treatment of their symptoms but delivers a milder psychoactive experience.

Eventually, researchers will find overlap between the recreational and medical qualities but specific varieties will be developed for various medical symptoms.

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