B4 Entheogenesis 2

Flash woke up at 12:30 or 1:30pm, jumped out of bed in a panic, sent the cat flyin,’ remembering he was supposed to be downtown to meet Goblin Fresh by noon and give him the nickel tour of Vansterdam.

The number 19 took it’s time cruising thru china town and the skids to get to the one block on W Hastings that is safe, largely to the efforts of Marc Emery in sponsoring businesses and encouraging others, paying for the graffiti to be removed, building a community and, a virtual ‘Green zone.’

The 300 block west Hastings, in the old building where began Hemp BC, where Cannabis Canada, and later Cannabis Culture Mag. began, as much more than a seed catalogue; the home of POT-TV.net studios, in its bunker. Next to the New Amsterdam Caf?, the same building Flash had helped Renee Boje and Christ Bennett prepare for Cannabliss. The girls from the bookshop, and Pete Brady, himself, while taking a Vrip-Tech rip, told Flash his friend, Goblin, had left “hours ago.”

Flash had recently written an article on the Canadian Compassion Society and Pete was mentoring Flash Gordon, reminding him how testy commercial growers are when you photograph their grows and they can threaten you in the event they are robbed or Busted.

Pete told Flash he was worried about him losing weight on coffee and cigs and to check out Deepak Chopra’s book natural healing involving mental imagery positive thinking and cellular level control or his book “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind.”

Pete’s passion is to photograph big juicy crystallite Buds and beautiful women, and has been an Internationally Known as journalist for both High Times and Cannabis Culture.

At Flash and Jill’s wedding,apr?s, Chris and Renee Boje Bennett’s’ Herious Gamus. www.reneeboje.com, Marc had remarked “Flash was his favorite chronicler of Party history” and Pete Brady shook Flash’s hand, said “he wished he could write like him.” Flash was blown away… ok first off it really is THE Pete Brady the worlds most well known ganja writer.

Flash rationalized, it meant he wished he could write: “Whatever the hell he wanted without having to worry if anyone read it or about getting paid for it.”

So, Flash had been talking to the window dresser Gary, on smoke breaks. He’d recognized him as the apprentice at “Cabbage ‘n Kinx,” and given him a copy of “Flash’s BCMP Chronic Chronicles.” Since Gary said he had seen Flash in the magazines. Then, Gary made a panel out of Flash’s book for his BCMP window collage!

Flash, had offered a copy to the bookshop girls on New Years Eve when he met them, and Natasha had given him a free copy of her issue, autographed, and the other girl said she already had a copy at home! Flash told Natrishka “its great book to keep in the Jon and read in snippets.”

Flash had lost his new organizer wallet on New Years Eve. He hadn’t toked much over the two months, or so he had been in hospital “learning to eat.” Marc had to remind him twice to keep an eye on the door. The ol’ neighborhood, friendly grocer, across from BCMP HQ, held onto Flash’s wallet for him that had fallen out when Flash Bent over to pick up a Province paper in the doorway. Marijuana man at the seed desk also had bag of Flash’s notes, mementos and autographed mag.

Chris Bennett had suggested ‘tuber vegetables,’ like sweet potatoes that are rooted in the ground, for ‘grounding.’

Even though Flash was half out of it, Chris Bennett, Pot-TV’s top executive and management treated Flash royally during the Live Show, directed him to his place on the computer set up for live chat, telling him, not to be afraid and “here’s your throne.” Which made Flash “feel good…” plus he even got a cameo on the live POT TV NEW YEARS broadcast video.

Flash popped into the Amsterdam Caf? to have a toke and a butt in the smoking room. You can roll, but, not toke, till after 6 pm when smoking bi law inspectors go home to their wives in the burbs.

During the daylight hours you share the smoking booth with the cig smokers. They have tobacco licenses to avoid having their glass taken as well.

I can’t find the card, but this guy, had this way of producing keef with a machine, kinda like the product momma sita was promoting at the www.tokersbowl.com and, he insisted, Flash take a gram of it and his card.

He had over heard Flash talking to his friends from the Canadian sanctuary society about an up coming story I. Once in the same smoking room, Flash was enjoying some hash sent him from the artic and three young American snowboarders asked if he would like a very expensive, hand-blown, glass piece they had bought at Whistler together, if, Flash shared his free hash with them.

About eight, in total, of them, funneled in but, the hash went round and round, till they were all pie eyed and they thanked him profusely and they left Flash with their expensive bong as they headied for the dreaded border.

Richard Cowan ( www.marijuananews.com ), his head was turning beat red, he was back lecturing in the Pot-TV studio sound room promoting his new book he’s writing on the Kubbys’ and other drug war refugees, as Flash hid out in the CC Mag. Office with Dana Larsen CC editor, and his personal assistant Christina, who, was rolling a number up.

Flash had one rolled up, himself and made sure Chris got a toke. Chris let him temporarily log onto Pot-TV chat and all around him busy worker bees, like the lady who was on pot TV testifying about the curative properties of IBOGAINE, were busy setting up equipment and chairs for the big Entheogenesis conference, exploring humanity’s relationship with Sacred Plants, past, present, and future. Parts of which would be broadcast live.

They had sold out and have more than enough volunteers, as well, with speakers and guests from all over the world. see entheogenesis.ca/2004

Chris’s time is involved with producing shows and at the same time prepping the media answering a deluge of questions about the exciting meeting of minds which will take its genesis at B.C.M.P. HQ.

Flash uploaded his latest Flash’s News Hawks, luckily there was a techie, Ian, to, kindly, help him.

Goblin did show up next day.Flash took him upstairs to the seed shops there and to Ken Hayes smart shop. Chris was too swamped to even say “hello,” but marijuana man had a toke and a smoke with them.He’s witty urbane and affable even when he’s not on air, having experience with CBC comedy.

Marc Emery, comes and goes, and gets the health conscious foods he craves at the mouse and bean or the Ethiopian restaurant around the corner. He and his assistant Michelle scolded Flash to do opposite of Watkins diet and they, eat lots of carbohydrates and dairy. Marc has recommended the Blue Horizon, Riviera, Tropicana on Robson, and Bute, Granville,& Palisades hotels for soft drug tourists but suggests they still use their balcony. The YMCA I and Cambie Hotel, can be also OK, for those on a budget.

Flash spent the day with his friend from Seattle Friday who took Flash and Jill, with her camera’s to the Canadian Sanctuary Societies, Dakine Caf?, which is planning to open in weeks, once it has over come some city fire and smoking regulations. Don Briere says the Egyptian mural and theme, reminds us that cannabis, or cannabosm, as it was known by Hebrews, has been used since the dawn of history. He is making it easier for people to access the healing herb they need to provide self care and self medicate with a plant that would take an astronomical amount to become fatal in a human organism.

Don Briere told Flash and Jill that, the new government forms to apply for license to grow or smoke cannabis are 27 pages or more, and a tremendous waste of resources & government bureaucracy.

Patients who are ill to begin with, seldom have the knowledge or energy, to grow, enough for themselves or even a place to grow. Much less find ‘someone’ who wants to sign over his freedom to grow for them who cane prove no criminal record whatsoever and furthermore sign forms to permits police to investigate and search their property at any time including computers, like, happens to Tim Felger and Jim Wakeford.

After visiting with Don, the trio crossed the street, to admire the beautiful and exorbant, fabulous, glass hand blown art of the highest quality which they gazed in awe and appreciating at The Melting Point Gallery 1111 Commercial. Indeed, they saw the very pipe Bubbleman had brought to flash and jills wedding: The dolphin bong, worth much more than originally $1500.00

Also on the walls, was the breath taking print which was also used in promotion of the entheogenesis flyer and another work of matching genius, by an artist named:” Brown.

The madalas he invisions, clearly demonstrate the dance of the Shiva, which dazzles the young disciple with the sounds of the ringing of her many beads and cymbals, seducing him into Desire which unfortunately, the wise Buddha reminds us, brings with it Suffering.

After Flash had a steak and hash browns and made sure he had enough for a joint and gone on the pot TV chat to say “What’s up” and Jill left. Flash though,” hmmmm, maybe should go downtown to bcmp hq instead of watching live broadcast on Pot-TV”

When he got down there on the #19, he had to lift up the grate on main doors and come thru the front, feeling a little sheepish, but,the girls from the bookshop waved him thru, and he went downstairs and everybody he wanted to see was there.

Bill smalls of the band “the two tall brothers,” made up of his family, had finished his set and guest speakers finished as well. However, people were still gathered in clutches around the food table and in a great circle by the stage and there about,among the chairs.

Odorless, commented that the lady speaker spoke ” most eloquently and adroitly, with some ‘common sense American ideals ‘which he very much applauded.” “The young lady from (www.reneeboje.com) Renee Boje Bennet’s Urban Shaman Shop, spoke very well” William said. Marc Emery gave his definition of entheogens but, said finding the definition which is ‘universal’ is going to take more conferences like this one. Marc repeated his definition to Flash and Odorless out side summing it up as: “shamanic plants used for thousands of years and their effects.”

Flash understood it as Theo meaning God, in Greek , and ‘en’ meaning encounter or something, and these are plants and substances, which open you up to a spiritual experience or glimpse of ‘that which cannot be named’ or is greater than can be conceived.

No matter what culture, the same geometric shapes and patterns and symmetries come up, again and again, in art and drawings, bringing to question innate ideas which here, in this existence, appear as mere shadows. It is as if you could see the face of God and live to tell the tale of it.

So, anyhow Flash saw Reverend Damuzi there from the kooteneys, and gave him a hug. Flash apologized to both Pete Brady and the Rev for borrowing so heavily on their work for his “summer’s not over for prince of pot” article.

Odorless and Flash went upstairs and there was the red haired Pete Brady looking Celtic, but perhaps, having some Asian in his blood, couched next to Bubbleman ,who , for the second time that day, offered Flash a fresh bowl off an elaborate glass piece.

When Bubbleman got up, Flash Cushioned himself next to Pete and got in on the circle formed around him. Pete was deliriously happy to be for the time being at least, out of Amerika, having legally defected here. The draconian laws there and the war on drugs that they are using, the arrests of Tommy Chong and Ed Rosenthal had made it to perilous for Pete to be pot icon.

Flash encouraged Pete Brady to enjoy the courses offered at UBC or Langara that he had prayed Pete would settle in BC as he had wished to do at last Toker’s Bowl. Flash told Pete he was a volunteer and would keep Pete abreast of people or stories he knows or any ideas he has so Pete will have lots of material to work with. Pete said he appreciated the warmth in Flash’s heart and his kind words the horrors and humiliations of the drug war still haunted him even “safe” with us.

Odorless was a bit puckish, so, after saying their goodbyes, they popped into the New Amsterdam cafe for a coffee and juice and final toke.

Flash got himself smartened up and, his friend Odorless was in for the entire entheogenisis conference @ BCMP HQ and had an extra ticket which was for BUD who unfortunately couldn’t make it, but, said Flash Could have it if Chris and Renee didn’t want it back for the sold out event.

Flash was worried, because, he didn’t want to be ‘the only one’ in the cannabis community that didn’t know what entheobotanicals were, and he had seen some of the long bearded professors outside the organic produce store on commercial drive chatting with Renee Boje when she gratefully took back Odorless’s ticket and it broke his heart when he logged onto chat and people were asking if he was going.

So he screwed up his courage and marched right in Sat and Chris was gracious and kind, and let him stay as long as he made himself useful and didn’t take a seat away from any delegates, as they were over booked and the basement of the headquarters was filled to the limit; reminiscent, of the early Gnostic gatherings in the catacombs of Rome.

Chris Bennett, Author of Sex Drugs Violence and Religion (www.forbiddenfruitpublishing.com ) had gathered some of the greatest minds together to discuss ancient mythology and legends, cultures, and ritual describing the effects of many shamanic recipes, and, concluding the foundation of most religions or cults even the Judeo-Christian cults of today have their foundation in the ritual uses of Entheobotanicals, Chris Bennett has expanded and continued the debate was it “Moses and the mushroom” that started all the hullabaloo? or, ‘the healing sacred useful tree of many uses’? Not, the tree in the garden not of ‘Knowledge,’ but the one of ‘Life’ which they were encouraged: “to eat as much as they wanted.”

Revelation Chapter 22 verse 2 “In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations”

Genesis 1 verse 12 “And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.”

Flash found a vacant spot on one of the couches in the seed office next to a grey and white haired fellow who turned out to be a rather famous Lawyer. Flash didn’t know how important he was, but he soon told him. Flash asked if he was Libertarian and he said “oh no socialist” in that he charges the big growers big bucks so he can do the possession charges and ma and pa growers pro bono. Never the less he receives more pleas than he can handle. When he asked Flash to save his seat for him Flash defended it by telling anyone who came to near; ” If they got busted back in Amerika they’re gonna need this guy and had better not sit in his chair.”One lady in particular, agreed heartily who had brought the gentleman, to the conference apparently,” by the ear.”

Every few minutes somebody would come up for air from the basement to the seed office. In the main store” the Urban Shaman Entheobotanical shop” was as crowded as an elevator. The two love birds, who are cute as the dickens the way they chirp back and forth, sound like medical interns for Dr Penfield, as they describe the inner working of the brain and its glands and receptacles.

Flash went through all his pockets and try to find their website they have a plethora of useful information on all Entheobotanicals and herbs. There advice was available throughout the conference to anyone who required their aid.

Spaced, whom Flash hadn’t seen since the tea house days on Pender, was granted a table to sell his memorabilia at the front door, so, Flash helped his friend by occupying the table during his potty breaks and got him some slices of pizza and coca cola on in exchange for a few cigs.

Flash used the opportunity to promote his work which Jill was kind enough to add her photography and publishing skills to, ‘Flash’s BCMP Chronic Chronicles” to some Japanese tourists who liked it as a simple read.

Bubbleman and Merkeatboy had set up a booth to sell the latest in stoner technology, the amazing pipe style vapor genie for $ 85 which vaporizes with patented ceramic base with just the light of a match. And, of course, Bubbleman’s bubble bags also available at his gallery on Commercial where LUKE BROWNS inspiring and fabulous Mandela-like prints are framed in glass.

Luke Brown and his entourage had a table set up too and the Rasta, pony tailed artist, was available to answer questions and autograph smaller copies of his fascinating and incredible work that awed flash the previous day when he visited the melting point gallery. Also there with an entourage from Nelson, who all had their wisdom chakras marked with an x, was Reverend Damuzi, who greeted Flash with a hug and the toke with a slight asana.

Flash liked, when he asked someone, if they had read RAM DAS “BE HERE NOW” the answer was “Of course” instead of “whaa?” Flash, excitedly, talked to a Jewish fellow from New York in awe of his accent and sharp tongue. Together they dodged the traffic on West Hastings in a very un-Canadian way.When Flash finally stopped to catch his breath, the New Yorker said: “I want a dialogue not a monologue” which sent them both into tears of laughter.

Pete Brady, the international correspondent for High Times and Cannabis Culture, braced himself on the store counter along side him,Dana Larsen the CC editor. Their eyes slits before them was one of the beautiful bookshop girls whose major duty this day was filling and refilling the vaporisor and applying the hair dryer like gun. Bubbleman and Dondi, too were generous with samples of bubblehash a toke which is reminiscent of when you were 17 and hot knifed with your friends and someone had to stand behind you to catch you and you used a funnel so you didn’t burn your lips on the knives if you fell forward. It hit you like that; similarly the volcano they set up with its plastic freezer bag of vapors provided celestial travels as well. Downstairs there had been a good lunch and Flash busied himself bringing milk down from the New Amsterdam cafe and watching the back door stayed cracked as people were divided as to whether they wanted air or it was too cold.

Flash did hear the dude with the blotter art and stuff about the history of psychedelics which was keen but chatting with the actual guests was the most fun, like, the Anthropologist, with well kempt beard and wit which rivaled John Clease. Some of the guests were already imbideing in entheobotanicals in addition to the copious amounts of good Herb that was being passed around like pealed grapes.

The bowl on the coffee table brimmed over with gum and chocolates. Marc gave Flash a couple fistfuls of primo bud to roll up and share and Flash’s booklette began disappearing from the shelves. Marc had meant them to be gifts to VIPS originally and Senator Nolan and Governor Gary Johnson had been pleased to receive one. Flash billed it to the intellectuals as TRU-Fiction something like the western telegraph tales of the old west or yellow journalism of Bonnie and Clyde combined with the Hollyweed stories and important facts on cannabis.

Having been thrilled with meeting Marc Emery they related to Flash’s story of his first meeting with the Prince of Pot and Patron of the Rebellious Arts. Flash was most impressed with this exceedingly cheerful white bearded man and his white bearded friend. Throughout the whole conference he beamed with enjoyment and his friend seemed to concur. Flash wanted to ask them a serious question. He told him he was just 40 and trying to get some self discipline in his life go to bed early instead of write all night and try to be regular at getting downtown to BCMP HQ… “FORGET IT!” They chorused as one. “Oh yeah but you two you’re already published your major work.”.. Flash stammered “YEAH RIGHT!” they both answered in chorus again and fell over themselves laughing in the New Amsterdam cafe causing Flash to grin till his cheeks hurt.

Flash guided conference goer’s three doors down to the heritage building known as the dominion building in the basement of which is the Mexican family owned restaurant the mouse and bean. The mouse and bean was originally just a kiosk outside bluntbros but catering to vegan and vegetarian cuisine the art students in the neighbourhood and of course the largely vegan and or vegetarian ’emery crowd’ many of them from the sunshine coast made it prosper. Saturday nite was its first chance to shine since their new opening and the whole family even their little boy was helping bussing tables running around with a tray like flash used to do when his mother cared for seniors. It was so crowded Flash felt he shouldn’t attend the delegates needed to eat. Back at the bookstore counter having a toke with Pete Brady and Chris Bennett, Chris said: “GO EAT FLASH!” so he waded his way in.

Luckily they had set up a series of square tables on the outside of the guest’s circular banquet tables. Flash was happy just to be there and the lady playing the harp was into overtime. He was happy to be seated by the cute urban shaman staff people and Pete Brady coming late had no where to sit but with them. Pete gladly joined them and scolded the management in the American way for ‘discriminating against the servants table’ Marc too was hurrying the staff as guests awaited their entr?es and was Himself bussing tables.

Flash jumped up started stacking ppls plates and couriering them to the counter. He rewarded himself for each effort with another jelly bean from the candy dish on counter to sustain him.

The food when it arrived was goood. Crispy Mexican taco chip like stuff with spicy tomatoe salsa and onions on it as appetizer, there was a choice for the vegan couple and one for the vegetarian and a high protein cheese and meat one for Flash, when it arrived, it was a flat looking pepper stuffed with white cheese and delicious and filling.

Pete Brady had the soup but because he was bouncing all around, he never got his entr?e or maybe, Flash ate it?

He didn’t seem to care anyway his good humor forgives all. He stated that they had booked for 90 and 125 ate. It’s not certain if any sort of multiplication of the loaves and fishes occurred but it was time for the band to set up at BCMP and they need a couple tacks which Flash tried to find. The band in the bookshop was largely ignored sadly enough as most of the guests as the evening turned to midnight congregated downstairs where psychedelic images were being projected and DJ BOB was spinning disks with his crew. Some people were ‘tripin” but nobody fell. Flash bid adieu to a professorial type from nearby Richmond who apologized for leaving early but was a little overwhelmed by the number of people and the level of hedonism. Flash however saw nothing untoward there was much joy and affection among the people assembled some appearing to be experiencing various levels of Nirvana while others waxed intellectually discounting each others theories. There was much debate as to the essence of soma and a pledge was made to have another Entheogenisis Conference that centers on the subject.

As the hour approached midnight and beyond it became increasingly important for Flash to watch the main door to the store.

“Sorry, private party, no entry Flash opined. An unusually beautiful and well dressed lady and her trench coated escort pushed their way thru the door. “Oh can we just come in and smell?” asked the blond one. Where can we get some of that? “Well were closed can I get you a card? Asked Flash, naive as usual. Flash asked the girls behind counter for a card and they handed him one of pivots cards what to do if you are arrested. “NO, NO,” said Flash still unaware but getting the hint and presented both a BC Marijuana Party card with policy on back from his trusty George Casstanza type wallet. “This is just what we need thanks Flash,” the one pretending to be a blond bimbo said, made an about face, and left.

Dana Larsen grinned. Flash recalled when an undercover police officer had come to BCMP and chatted him up on his new book and it didn’t even click when he said he was schooled in Regina. Of course Flash was trained by the church in Saskatchewan and knew cold weather. Turns out the policeman was a journalist and wrote a favorable review of Flash and his book in the Province newspaper “Many ways to get Lit”

Eventually even Chris Bennett went home Chris thought about taking a bus back to commercial but Flash persuaded him that he had worked hard and deserved a cab.

It was nothing for Flash to take the number 19 home and he was back next day to say goodbye to his favorite delegates and thank the generous Marc Emery, patient Chris Bennett and the gracious Renee Boje of www.reneeboje.com for the utter pleasure of attending this prestigious event.

Tickets On Sale Now!

This years theme is “From Darkness Back to Light” and will have a focus on the use of entheogens from the time of the Dark Ages, when these substances were widely suppressed and were limited to occult use following up to our modern age of information when the entheogens returned to their former popularity.

This Year’s conference will be held at The Morris J. Wosk Centre For Dialogue of Simon Fraser University. For more info on the conference site: entheogenesis.ca/entheogenesis2005