Vancouver 420

The Kine Folks, at “Kind Revolution” across from BC Marijuana Party HQ had the bus all painted by Munk. (I think the artist is called) Same guy did the murals outside the store and inside the new renovated blunt brothers and seed bank in progress in ol’ bank building next door.
And, ‘Lookin’ GOOD!’ with plenty of Room inside for the sound equipment…

I’d never witnessed, so many, “eager early birds,” to volunteer to lead the procession of the extra banners and signs, down Granville up to the Art Gallery Steps on Howe and Georgia.

We were well received, by spontaneous applause and cheers, when we arrived, as in previous years too… which is always ‘Real Rush!’

The day turned out gorgeous, this 4/20.

We all enjoyed the sun and the acoustics provided by those musicians, thoughtful enough, to bring there instruments and bongo drums to keep the crowd happy and building, until we could reach the critical mass of a hundred or two ppl. to keep the cops at bay.

The Authorities pleaded with Dave, Kirk and Marc, not to have the People March on the US Consulate, again, as the police were taken unawares and ill prepared, this day. (Maybe we’ll save that for May 7th)

I ‘allegedly’ spotted Carol Gwilt, past manageress of the ‘infamous’ “Dakine cafe” now a BCMP Candidate, and her ‘partner in crime,’ that US flag-burner, Tim Felger, fresh out of jail, and back to, ‘Represent.’

There’s no way the two could toke publically, although, allegedly, Carol’s Lawyer showed and told them both to blow when he arrived.

But they could have been ‘Dopplegangers’ planted by the U.S. DEA to entrap them. Eh?

My friend Bradley arrived too, right on time, before the smoke got too thick to see him… Ray Gray, a H.S. friend from 87, who always shows, in hope of least one free joint from Mr. Emery.

The Prince of Pot, Patron to the Rebellious Arts, himself was working the crowd selling five dollar, quality BC Marijuana Party Grinders with stash in see through lid for roaches and grumblies along with, the purple haired forest fairie Kaara, usually ensconced at the seed desk, freed to frolic yet ever at His Highness, faithful assistance.

Even I, fetched Him a ginger ale He didn’t need, and guarded Him through the crowd with my bulky sign, for a shield until he shoed me on my way.

The Blue haired guy, with his blue haired Rat, was something else, indeed.

I’m not a rodent-lover, myself. I don’t even feed Dianne’s guinea pig, at my house. Unless its squealing bloody murder.

I hear from my friend in Nepal, where they are raised like chickens underfoot, they do well in peanut oil…

I Must have been “high” I mean really “High…”

Or was right into the ‘Kissing babies and holding-rats-&-snakes-things for photo-ops’/Politician thing.

Once he had strapped that gaseous mask on me, I let the long-tailed Rattus of the family Muridae, climb all over my shoulders, back and neck. Didn’t “give a damn” or, have any “heeby jeebies” at all.

His neon-blue-haired host and the fellow with him were so jolly anyhow about it all… Who could say: “No?”

I was having fun… Man; I must have been “High.”

Oh… Yeah: “I ‘WAS HIGH!'”

I met this really nice couple, with a super sign, and stickers to hand out. They liked my “pot is a Plant Bush is a dope button” and gave me some stickers that I had recognized because, MIKEY, had sent some long ago, or someone had, that id given to the bookshop girls for inclusion in the decor of the BCMP Bookshop on 307 West Hastings Street.

Immediately after this, I met a wonderful lady, that I gave my wrist to place a wrist band on, that she was doing me the great honor, and favor, of giving me ‘Pro Bono.’ I don’t know what curiosity caught my eye, after that, but I must have wandered away from her grasp, in a daze.

I turned about on my heal, after several paces, looked down at my wrist, and realized: I’d not given the friendly American woman, of great faith, even the opportunity to get it on my wrist, and felt like a total “snobby heal” for doing so, now that they were no where in sight and I wasn’t sure which couple it was which I had just met… Was I High? Well? Maybe…Yeah, I think soo…

David Malmo Levine, the Catalyst, that has long, by tradition, since he arrived from Edmonton Alberta, been ‘The ONLY One,’ who can muster a decent crowd of Two Hundred or more for “Critical Mass”; that, both master of ceremonies, and ‘Diplomat of Drug War Peace’; ‘The minstrel to the Truly Wise,’ who, can hold a group of young hempsters, just with, the power of his Persuasive Truth, had already, began, his long, winding, continuous speeches; his, mustering and cajoling and plaintive pleas for ‘Raison S.V.P.’ to the amassing, masses.

With only Dave’s “Hug Power” to protect Us, we left aside our fears and paranoia, brought on by a, normally intolerate, society which keeps, our fair solace illegal.

Urged on, thusly, we enjoyed the fruits of our, ever fought for, precious, few liberties here in Vansterdam in a single act of ‘Civil Disobedience’ and ‘Solidarity’ with one another.

Dealers on the inside: No one toking on the fringes. Do not stay over long, lest you be busted or, worse robbed! (Like, happened, to the poor, sweet, Lady, whom was selling the baked goods, who tarried, this year).

For after the smoke has cleared from our eyes, this is still,’ Downtown,’ in an urban centre… Do not arrive before the chosen call of 2pm.

Pick up the litter, and show them our Dignity, our Nobility and our Good Grace and ‘Superior Judgment’ in our choosing our ‘intelligent preferences.’

We are not drunken brawlers; we are not ‘cracked-out,’ or even, “Evangelically, ‘High on Christ'” We are “Happy, Hungry and High and Were Here,” like “Horton’s Whos,” “Were Here to Stay!”

The tokers will always be with us in B.C… We are Not Alone, in our ages-old struggle, against bigotry, ignorance and wrongful thinking.

We, have nearly ‘Out Grown the Government’ in our numbers. What other Provincial Party hopes to raise a rally in the numbers we had on 4/20? One day into the election?

As the bands set up, Committed musical acts included; Selasse I Power and Bounty Hunta, Third Eye Tribe, Pincharoo & the Afro Kalimba Band, DJ Super D Sound, who were committed to perform.

The long, auburn haired, white Rasta gurl, from Grassroots, whom I’d, volunteered with on occasion at other events, and especially, at Compassion Club venu’s, came nervously up to me…

The performers, she had billed, were nervous that the sound equipment was not set up yet, and they had later gigs to make. The ‘Critical Mass’ was taking its time to build…

I could tell by their dress and demeanor, that, they were Rastafarian in their beliefs and apologized for baring the garb, suit and tie, of a “Poli-Trickian,” but assured them that:”By 4:20 P.M., there would be 1000 people or more here.”

We chatted calmly a while, as he explained a certain Colonel in Rastafarian history, had been so radical, as to promote anarchy over ‘democratic’ voting, as there was a futility felt by the Rasta’s, at the time, that voting for any master was inane.

The Colonel was not that popular a leader among his people in his time, but, oddly, many old Rasta’s, I was told, had adopted the Colonel’s views, in retrospect.

Most Rastas it seems, had abandoned these ideals, the talented Musician explained, but, it seemed to have made, for some, a comeback into modern Rasta beliefs.

Not he, who was looking forward, he said, in supporting the BC MJ Party and her ‘Cause’ of liberation of all herbs… I got W/O Reason to comp us one of his handy-dandy, pre-rolled, perfect jays for them, which seemed to quell their jitters, for awhile.

I explained that, normally, without any promotion, the mere date itself, 4/20, and tradition left by David Levine, and his annual righteous rants, that, as many as 500 come, even in rain, with no sound stage, speeches, prizes, contests or promotion.

With the BC Election begun the previous day April 19th, Emery had backed this event to the hilt. oing so far as employ the skills, tactics, and legal finesse, of his heavy hitter, fresh from articling in Detroit, Kirk Tousaw, whom first impressed Marc when getting his law degree at UBC as the executive chair of the Civil Liberties association.When Marc Emery Made his speech @ UBC

Pincharoo, and his “Rasta Entertainment family” was doing everything in his power to appease them, given,he was the busiest one of all rushing around, responsible for All it seemed, even, the garbage afterwards.

This task he shared with the Truest of Vansterdam’s ‘Rastamon,’ the,’Krazy ol’Mon,’ Moses, who keeps a, good, strong motive, to his every, madness.

When Pincharoo, could not liberate an ‘extra’ table, from the firm grasp of Campaign Chief, Kirk Tousaw, for the prima performers, it was too much for the, vetran professionals, who soon split.

The talented and organized, Pincharoo, didn’t sweat it. Instead, I thought I saw a mischievous twinkle of glee glinting in his eye.

His band had bowed and scraped to the prima performers, offering their time slot and had sweat and hurried, the sound check, at their insistence.

Now, Pincharoo was going to get to do what he had been seeking after and planning for, meticulously, all month. He was going to get the opportunity to entertain and perform before the massive hip, respectful, admiring, hempsters gathering and to feel the ‘One Love’ and ‘Respect’ of the entire community, as he does what he lives and works to do; spread the spirit, through his music and that of his family of bros and sistas at Rasta Entertainment, with the Afro Kalimba Band, feeling the Truth, of his cultural heritage, and the challenge, of the diverse and rich path he chose.

“That’s the African Way!… The African Way!… The African Way!…” he sang and was later backed up by his friends Bounty Hunta and Third Eye Tribe and tunes of DJ Super D Sound.

Marc was available to keep the crowd gathering, along with David Levine, Chris Bennett, Mik Mann, and other candidates both from last election and now.

Even I gave a speech on how “Silence = Death,” and not just when it comes to A.I.D.S., but when it is silence between you and your kids or family, on the issues surrounding drugs, both,benign and otherwise.

Turned out, as a “Poli-Trickin’ I too had lied…

There was not a mere: “1000 by 4:20, “but,
a Multitude! which, the CanWest Vancouver Paper
reporters, who stayed long enough on the grounds
to see the numbers swell,
(unlike the News Wire Lady, who ditched early who
had interviewed me, Kirk, and Lyon McKennzie King’s great,
great, grand nephew, and
reported only a 1000 in attendance,)
the “Metro” reported 5,000 there!

4/20/05 Toke the Vote on Pot-TV.Net