Mite-infested buds

Is it useful to wash off infested buds before drying? Or would you just be saying bye-bye to the resin glands? Do you have other suggestions for cleaning mite-infested buds?
Lola Mora,

I don’t think that it’s healthy or appetizing to smoke or use pest-infested plants. Aside from the pops and unusual taste, pests are vectors for disease.

You wouldn’t eat lettuce that’s infected with aphids or mites, so why would you inhale or ingest it in weed?

I observed a greenhouse that was in stage five mite infection as it reached maturity. The plants were cut and then hung by their stems upside down to cure and dry. Many of the mites migrated from the undersides of the leaves to the top of the stems. The buds had many fewer mites, but were still not desirable.

Infested buds are suitable material for making water hash. The pests and vegetative material are separated from the glands, which contain all the THC. The uncontaminated hash is a much healthier choice.

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