Rev. Charles Eddy Lepp Released On Bail.

Eddy Lepp: free on bailEddy Lepp: free on bailOn Friday April 22nd 2005 at 9:30am Rev. Charles Eddy Lepp along with James Clark, attorney appearing on behalf of Tony Serra, Omar Figueroa, and Sheri Greenberger Rev. Lepp’s pro-bono attorneys, went before Magistrate Judge James to discuss the condition of Rev. Lepp’s release from custody. Lynette Shaw, from the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana, appeared in court to post the necessary property allowing Rev. Lepp to be released at 11:20pm from the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin California.
As agreed upon in the conditions of his release, Rev. Lepp will be able to travel for any business of the ministry provided he clears all travel with pre-trial services. He must also appear at all court dates and cannot violate any laws while released. He is not allowed to cultivate any medicine at all, but should be able to medicate as soon as he gets permission formally from Judge Patel. Rev. Lepp and his attorneys remain confident that Judge Patel will make the right decision on this matter.

Rev. Lepp goes before Judge Patel on May 31st 2005 at 10:30am at the San Francisco Federal Court Building for a status hearing on his and Daniel Barnes, co-defendant, case. At this time the issue of Rev. Lepp’s right to medicate will be addressed and they hope to have the answer then. Magistrate Judge James waved the need to test Rev. Lepp for any illegal substance until that hearing. Rev. Lepp will go before Magistrate Judge James on June 30th 2005 to address that issue.

Rev. Lepp was arrested on 2-16-05 and released on 4-22-05 for a total of 65 days in custody awaiting bail. He is facing 4 life sentences plus 20 years, 17 million dollars in fines, and 600 dollars in special assessments for the combined charges against him. For more information and updates on the case go to or call the Ministry at 707-275-8879.

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