Arcadian Fields Ministries Benefit

The Padded Jungle, located at 456 E. South St. in Akron, will be hosting a concert to benefit Arcadian Fields Ministries, a Ministry of Art & Music, on April 20th.
The following bands are expected to hit the stage: Mo Rage, the FMA Band, Carpe Diem, Rather Honey, The Musty Topographical Sleeping Bag of Loss, Nick Traenkner (of Hooker Picnic) and Saint Andrew; all proceeds to benefit the construction of a hemp-friendly artist colony and community school.

State and Federal Governments spend billions of dollars a year trying to quash the free and fair use of cannabis as should be attributed by our 1st Amendment Rights. This is having a detrimental effect on a number of persecuted minorities, including Pagans, Native Americans and the Terminally Ill, who rely on free cannabis (as well as their freedom) for their physical, mental and spiritual health. Reckless government spending such as this also affects our creative arts community when we consider that music programs are being pulled out of our schools, that employment of teachers and caregivers is at an all-time low and that skilled craftsmanship is slowly being replaced by the development of technology.

The ministry, will assist the creative arts community by providing services such as day care, education, in home care, jobs and housing assistance in exchange for volunteering service to the cooperative?which will serve the city of Cleveland by providing affordable education and entertainment. It is the hope of this ministry that by uniting as a creative arts community we can pool our talents towards the greater good.

For more information please contact Phil at 440-356-9193 or Email [email protected]