The Constant of Change

This issue marks great changes for Cannabis Culture magazine, as well as for me personally. Dramatic change can often be frightening, yet change is the essence of life.
If you look on the credits page of this issue you’ll see many new names, as CC has undergone some extensive changes in staff over the past few weeks.

Although change can be intimidating, I am excited both for myself and for the future of this magazine. While I was sorry to see some of the old staff go, we have some dynamic and talented new people on board, and I expect that the next few issues will see CC reaching new heights of photographic and journalistic excellence.

As for myself, after ten years of sitting behind my computer, obsessively editing every word that goes into CC and our website, I have been getting bored, burned out and ready for new adventures. I love Cannabis Culture magazine as if it were my child, but any good parent knows when it is time for their child to make their own way in the world. The parent who resists this process only holds their children back.

Also like many parents, I am grateful to see that Cannabis Culture has grown strong enough to continue without my daily guidance, freeing me to move on to other projects. Raising and caring for this magazine has been a huge effort, and I am excited to see how it will grow and develop in new directions without me.

So after a decade at this task, I am handing the reins over to our intrepid Publisher, Marc Emery, who has added Editor in Chief to his long list of activist titles. I am glad to see Emery taking on a more active role in the magazine, it’s something I have been encouraging him to do for ages. We teamed up to put this transitional issue together, and I expect Emery will enjoy the unique challenges of leading this magazine into the next phase of its evolution.

I remain committed to marijuana and ending the global drug war. I will continue to contribute to Cannabis Culture with articles and in other ways. Those readers who watch Pot-TV will see me on the Weedy Wednesday Smokefest and occasionally dropping in on other shows.

I will also be working more directly to get marijuana to those who need it in a variety of venues. I am teaming up with Bud Buddy to help push forward Canada’s mail-order pot industry, and I will also be helping to open a retail marijuana outlet in Vancouver. I am enthusiastic about these new projects and looking forward to getting quality cannabis to Canadians in need across the country.

Thank you to all readers of Cannabis Culture for your love and support over this past decade. More than anything else, I hope that this magazine has inspired you to take action and do something to end the war on marijuana.

To create change we must take action! If we take action together, we will change the world, and see the dawn of a new day where our people are liberated, and cannabis grows freely, everywhere.

Long live Cannabis Culture!

Dana Larsen
Editor, Cannabis Culture Magazine