CannaTrade 2005

CannaTrade is the international fair of hemp in Switzerland. What was at the beginning a modest show dedicated to hemp is now a demonstration considered throughout the whole world as a federation of all the canna-sectors.
In 2004, organized in the new hall of 7000 square metres, the 4th edition of the international CannaTrade was a total success, with 164 exhibitors originating from 15 countries, and more than 14,000 visitors from all over the world, including 900 registered professionals.

Moreover, the fair allowed 11 international federations coming from Germany, France, the United States, Italy, Poland and Switzerland to present their projects free. We will continue to support the significant political work intended to set up an international network.

2005 will be for CannaTrade the occasion to celebrate its fifth anniversary. For this demonstration, which will take place in April 2005, we of course again reserved the large hall and we are setting up various activities.

The intensification of the internationality of CannaTrade will also be, in 2005, one of our principal missions. The “business” aspect does not make us forget the importance of environment: convivial and family as in the past, supporting the personal exchanges through professional contacts.

Our declared objective is to make CannaTrade a demonstration event, gravitational for the network of our friends. Internet site of is under development continuously and updated permanently.

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