The Reefer Man comes to Vancouver

The Reefer Man, a brilliant one-man play about the trials and tribulations of a pot grower, is coming to Vancouver for two weeks of shows at the Firehall Arts Centre, from March 22 to April 3.
The play stars Russell Bennett in a stellar solo performance, and tells the tale of pot lover Charlie Kovacs. The story is compelling, entertaining and educational, with Bennett brilliantly portraying two dozen fully developed characters. The story follows Kovacs as he struggles with his career, his parents, his grow room, and eventually getting busted while also winning the Cannabis Cup.

The Reefer Man toured across Canada with the Fringe Festival last year, and won “Pick of the Fringe” in almost every city that it performed. It is by far the best play I have ever seen on the topic of marijuana culture!

Bennett also produced and directed Stoned: Hemp Nation on Trial, a 1998 documentary about the trial and legal challenge of Canadian cannabis activist Chris Clay (CC#09, The Trial of the Century).

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