Vancouver hosts Entheogenesis 2

Vancouver’s second annual Entheogenesis conference (May 21 to 23, 2005) brings together the world’s foremost minds in the fields of euphoric substances and religious practice, and will tackle such subjects as ayahuasca and the internet, witches and crack moms, Islam and psychedelics, plant goddesses and myth, Shakespeare and cryptic cannabis composition, phantasticants and fascism, and much more.
The theme of this year’s Entheogenesis is “From darkness back to light,” and its intended focus is the use of entheogens (aka psychedelics) from the dark ages to the present day. The conference is partially a series of lectures by world-renowned entheobotanists, journalists, professors and activists.

There is much more to Entheogenesis, however, than the latest in thought about psychedelic drugs: last year’s conference, for example, was as much an opportunity to socialize, celebrate, psychedelize, feast and party as it was to learn. Visitors from abroad might also enjoy Vancouver’s famous scenery, nightlife and cannabis tourism.

Being on hand for Entheogenesis is like getting a front row seat for humanity’s ever growing revolution in consciousness. In the past, Entheogenesis and conferences like it have attracted worldwide media attention for their cutting edge vision, newness of perspective and awe-inspiring boldness.

This year’s Entheogenesis conference will be held in the illustrious and comfortable Wosk Centre for Dialogue. Last year’s conference sold out, so get your ticket soon! Contact Entheogenesis organizer, host and speaker Chris Bennett at [email protected]