Thieving cops

Evidence lockers are often like cop drug supermarkets.
In North Carolina, Sanford anti-drug cop James Ed Gregory was charged last October with stealing more than two pounds of marijuana from the evidence locker.

In Rhode Island, Middletown police officer Michael Braley was arrested last August for theft, although charges of taking four bags of pot from the evidence locker were dropped against him because the herb mysteriously disappeared ? most likely into Braley’s lungs.

In Colfax, Indiana, Town Marshal Keith Smith was busted last October for taking two friends into the evidence locker, giving them a bag full of pot and telling them to “take what they wanted.”

For every cop that gets caught in an act of corruption, many more get away with violating their sacred trust. Until the drug war ends, the cycle of police corruption will only escalate, leading to a world where police cannot be trusted, and the rule of law is a hollow farce.

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