Eddy Lepp arrested Wednesday, again

Eddy LeppEddy LeppEddy Lepp was arrested Wednesday morning at Eddy’s Medicinal Gardens, his farm near Upper Lake, California.
Readers of Cannabis Culture Magazine (issue #53, 20-acre pot farm raided in California) will be familiar with legendary medical pot farmer Eddy Lepp, who last August was arrested at his farm with 32,000 cannabis plants. The plants weighed two to three pounds each in August when police hauled them away, still two months away from harvest.

I spoke to Eddy’s good friend and even more legendary cannabis activist Jack Herer Wednesday morning for the details. As of noon pacific time, Eddy was being held in jail nearby (with three others found at the farm). The police found 700-1000 clones, destined ultimately for outdoor planting in a few months time. A bail hearing has been set for Tuesday February 22 to determine if Lepp is to be released from custody prior to a trial.

Since his arrest last August, Lepp was released on bail and required not to grow pot or be involved in cannabis growing. Lepp still lived on the farm however but others involved in Lepp’s healing ministry were doing the growing. As Jack told me, “Eddy doesn’t go into the Greenhouse or grow the pot nowadays.”

Mr. Herer, author of the Emperor Wears No Clothes, a seminal classic on the supression of the cannabis culture, was confident that Eddy Lepp would be released on bail soon.

Lepp was first arrested growing medicine for sick people in 1996 for cultivating 131 marijuana plants. He was tried and a jury acquitted Lepp, the first visible court victory under California’s state medical marijuana initiative passed in November 1996 as Proposition 215.

In 2002, state police came to Lepp’s farm and took away 350 plants but did not arrest Lepp.

Last summer, the same police came and chopped down 32,000 enormous plants, charging Lepp with cultivation.

Not to be deterred, Lepp is suing the federal government to get his plants from 2002 returned.

Eddy Lepp is a great American hero and tremendous friend of of our culture. If you want to help Eddy and his crusade, please send donations to: Eddy’s Medicinal Gardens, P.O. Box 382, Upper Lake, California, 95485. If you want to call Eddy’s farm for more information, call 707-275-8879

We will continue to monitor this story until Eddy Lepp is released and we can talk to him directly.Eddy Lepp