Dana Larsen going but not gone

Marc Emery’s Birthday was last Sunday so Pharmer Tom and I decided to pay him a visit in his new digs on the sixth floor of the historic Dominion building on West Hastings.
Pharmer Tom had brought Marc a house warming gift for his new office space, a large donkey dick like plant, almost one total bud, well trimmed but still immature.

Tom said that it reminded him of Marc.

I had brought the Prince of Pot a printable cut out, batman motif, birthday card with sincere hopes his birthday would be truly regal.

Marc, it seems, has decided to get his hands dirty and hunker down as the new editor and chief of Cannabis Culture Magazine. Good to see Nebula still hard at as webmaster in his corner of the office and a few new faces there too. Since you can’t even smoke anything in that posh building it felt odd to visit Marc and Dana without a toke at hand. It was odder still, to find Emery in Dana Larsen’s former office and Dana regulated to a desk and computer in office main

After 10 years and 54 issues of Cannabis Culture, Dana Larsen, whose own baby child once graced an early Christmas issue, claims he is burned out. It is time, he believes, CC to have someone new at the helm, with new ideas, new vitality and who can help improve the magazine and bring it to the next level. He will be working with Marc Emery on the coming issue #55 for the next six weeks until it is printed in late March. After that time Dana will still be able to reached by email at [email protected].

In the 10 years that Dana helmed CC, it went from 4000 copies printed per issue to almost 100,000. They have a sell-through about 10% higher than the average newsstand magazine and grown steadily every single year with a solid reputation for quality, integrity and accuracy.

Even the attempt at a German edition “Cannabis Kultur,” which folded after 10 issues, was a noble attempt none the less.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Dana Larsen loves Cannabis Culture Magazine. If he thought leaving the magazine would hurt it then he certainly would not go. Indeed he truly believes new people under Marc’s direction will accomplish some great stuff. Recently there has been other staff changes at CC, with some people being let go and others deciding they just want to move on. There have been no hard feelings on anyone’s part, Dana is still loves the magazine, Marc Emery and all the rest. He remains devoted to our movement and is actually moving on to other projects that will further open up access to marijuana and move the cause forward still.

Although Dana will no longer be choosing and editing every story, nor be making any of the decisions in regard to CC that he used to make. Writing articles in quiet enjoyment and seclusion has always been his favorite part of the job, so he’s looking forward to contributing to CC and writing about marijuana issues in other venues as well.

You can well expect to continue seeing his writing and work gracing the pages of CC for years to come.

Dana sees this as a good change for CC, good for him personally, and a positive thing for the entire movement as a whole. He wished to express his thanks to all of us for the love and support. Says it’s been a wild decade for him and an honor to have been a part of all the amazing things accomplished together at CC, BC Marijuana Party and all the related activist efforts that have taken place.

“This won’t be the last you hear of me.” He reassured us.

As part of this change, Cannabis Culture Magazine is looking for new people; new writers, new designers, new photographers, and new contributors in general.

Anyone who is interested should feel free to contact Publisher/Editor and Chief Marc Emery at [email protected].