Flash Comps Pro Bono Bud!

You can never have enough bud and enough variety. Even if you live in a bounteous, bud blessed, place like Vansterdam, British Columbia.
When you’re a rolling stone, a complete unknown, you better grab diamond nugg; you better Toke it Bebe! So with absolutely no qualms of conscience and in the interest of scientific journalism I put my quick quill to getting some pro bono primo bud:

“Dear Jay’s Joints :

I don’t know if we have met. I’m John Flash Gordon, I write articles and stories, on Main page of www.CannabisCulture.com, under Flash’s Chronic Chronicles.

I saw your add next to my column and although I’m not hurting for a supplier. I thought your venture brave, to say the least, especially in the face of the demise of Bud Buddies and seeming failure of Doobie Central.

I would like to propose that you send me two of your joints as promotional material and I sample them and describe the experience and service in a brief article to be displayed off main page.

If you have not had the opportunity to enjoy any of my writing I’ll provide this link to the most recent stories:


In fact not only had I seen Jay’s Joints on main page people were arguing in the Forums if they were “just the reincarnation of Bud Buddies?”

“Why would “nay sayer’s” claim I am bud buddy? If I was BB, wouldn’t that be a good thing? And really, does it even matter?,” was Jay’s wise and logical reply.

In fact proud pot dealer Bud Buddy himself weighed in to put an end to the paranoid hysteria on the www.cannabisculture.com Forums and elsewhere:

Fri Dec 17 2004 11:21 PM

Although I have shut down my website, I still receive regular emails from US and overseas, asking me to recommend any other pot mail-order business that I know of which would send outside of Canada.

I am now in a position to recommend two such businesses that do international shipping, and I thought I would pass on this info to the members of this forum.

I am not affiliated with either of these businesses, but I do consider them both to be trustworthy and capable.

Jays Joints


[email protected]

Jay ships pre-rolled joints around the world. His shipping system is discreet and well-suited for cross-border mailing. He is reliable and honest, and I expect he will soon become a popular source for needy pot-people outside of Canada.

Sandra Green [email protected]

Sandra ships vacuum-sealed buds around the world. She seems reliable and is slowly developing a good reputation. She doesn’t have a website but is easily reached by email.

There you go, I hope this helps those without to get the weed they need.

I also hope to be able to let you all know about a new mail-order service for Canadians coming in the next few weeks.

Bud Buddy – Canada’s Marijuana Mail-Order Service
[email protected]

To My delight, and that of my roommates, I received the following reply to our request of Jays Joints:

Tue, 21 Dec 2004 18:05:45 -0500

“Hi Flash,

I know of your work and I’d be happy to send you a sample pair of joints for review.

I will put them in the mail for you this week.

Thanks for your email and your interest.”

So, Again we jumped for joy!!:

Mon, 10 Jan 2005 06:20:57 -0500 (EST)

Hi John,

Your joints will be going into the mail this week. Sorry for the delay, I wasn’t really set up until last week. I have been filling my first orders and Remembered I said I would send you a sample. Please Let me know when it arrives. Thanks!

Not being in any hurry whatsoever myself and purely again in the interest of scientific un-bias investigative journalism I wrote back my thanks and brought out the stop watch:

John ‘Flash ‘Gordon wrote:

Lets time this… today’s Tuesday the 11th, you sent it out yesterday? Further: I think I asked if you have a web page with basic info on it, maybe a couple pictures to use.

Would you like to meet at bcmp hq today around 2pm? Short notice?; How about Friday at 2pm. be nice to interview you in person”

They wrote back with link to get the low down Jays Joints:

Thu, 13 Jan 2005 18:59:30 -0500 (EST)

“No, your joints gets sent this week, probably Tomorrow.

I have a website here: www.xmail.net/jay/index.html

I don’t do personal interviews or meetings, sorry!

I don’t have a camera to take digital pics with.”

Till Came the final confirmation:

Wed, 19 Jan 2005 03:46:31 -0500 (EST)

“Your order got delayed as I did get a big batch of orders and the paying customers come first.

Your order should reach you by the end of this week I hope.”

…And there was much rejoicing here at our Fleming Street Ashram!

While I was at it, I contacted the other bud delivery service Bud Buddy’s recommended. I got back this really kind letter in reply.

Wed, 19 Jan 2005 15:55:56 -0500 (EST)

“Hey Flash,

Thanks for your interest & I will forward a sample to you tomorrow. I will be packaging it as if you were in another country, although Cdn. orders are not done the same way. I watch your shows & am grateful for your vigilance out there! Peace,”

Payday for us came on the 18th this month; a ‘five-weeker’ to follow. So at first we were disappointed the jay’s juicy jays did not arrive a day before then or so.

They came instead, the day after payday with a sharp knock at the door by the postman. Some publishers clearing house parcels were delivered at same time.

Juicy Jay’s joints came postmarked January 18th,’Airmail,’ with a false return address. The envelope was thick and heavy with cardboard inside which was wrapped in bulk advertising flyers.

My head was still spinning from previous nights festivities. I had made the mistake before bed of having three Kahlua Mudslides! Went straight back to bed till 11pm, when the cat woke me with little kisses. My roommate, Atomic Atom, and I both emerged, sleepy as bears, from our dens come the stroke of Midnight.

The quarter of God Bud from the night before, left only sticky ashen roaches behind. That,plus there was a smidgeon of Grand Forks Water Hash from the BC www.theCompassionclub.org. It was too late to score bud from anyone,or go anywhere!

It was then I remembered the ‘letter of mystery.’ With the help of a sharp instrument, Atom ripped thru the packing tape, cardboard and vacuum seal,to expose two plump phatties actually indented into the cardboard that had been carved out carefully.

The scale was still out on the coffee table from night before. Like “World’s Stupidest Criminals,” we don’t even deal anymore, Yet, leave the scale hanging out.

Each joint, plus its paper, weighed exactly one point one grams. The first was labeled “God” the second “Ultimate Indica.” You can imagine our excitement at receiving the God Bud our favorite, knowing its genetic origins lay with Jordan of the Islands seed company. The taste was sharp and sweet, almost ‘skunky’ or peppered but more distinctly ‘Sweet.’

The Ultimate Indica is less rare and exotic a commodity, in Vansterdam at least. It’s standard issue for many B.C. growers.

Again, in the interests of scientific inquiry, we broke both joints down into two .5g joints, re-rolled in Smoking brand papers. Not that there was anything less than Perfect about the way they were machine rolled, but spacing them out: God first then Ultimate Indica, in rotation over the course of the wee hours, seemed less gluttonous. Certainly, more prudent, given the potency of the samples.

Atom was finally able to settle upon a descriptive phrase to best describe the more subtle taste of the Ultimate Indica: He said it tasted like “Green Liquorish” which gave us pause to question “What would green liquorish taste like?” This was quite muddling. It didn’t help, when I decided it almost tasted like “an understated Purple but not ‘grape.'”

Jay’s prices are: 2 joints for $40 18 joints for $260 In $US. If paying in another currency, add $10 US exchange fee and then convert to your local currency. No more than 18 joints at one time.

Miss Green’s sample came postmarked Jan 20th and arrived Monday not Friday. Again it was marked ‘AirMail,’ apparently from the sunshine coast, the return address, fictional or not.

Again the envelope was firm with cardboard but this time the wrapping more elegant than newspaper flyers. Pure white thick stationary with the name of the strain sample printed like a typo at the top of the second page.

Between the cardboard, carefully vacuum sealed in plastic, was a brutally flattened Nugg. Packed like, when on a Lark, I ordered from a similar delivery service in Switzerland believing, mistakenly it turned out, that perhaps, Europe had some superior genetics to my, native B.C. to offer.

Shocking at first to see the buds flattened to fit in envelope, so used to having big fluffy or tight nuggs to photograph and show off on Cam from the BC compassion club at the time.

Waiting was always the hardest thing too, plus the stress while you hope they receive your money; and the stress, worry and paranoia as to when and if it will get to you. However flawless and safe it always turns out each time.

In the end with the guy from Switzerland, even though he would ‘front’ it first, and you pay him after delivery, I paid my way out of it. The best thing he was good for at the time was the hasj, as bubble bag technology had not been widespread in B.C. at that time.

Along with the .8 of a gram sugary sample from Miss Green came an email:

Hey Flash, We’ve been in business for over a year, but have been referral only, as wanted to keep things on the low down. Just decided to do a bit of advertising, plus they’re talking about us on the forums, so things have picked up speed.

We do not have anything other than an email address at this time & may be leaving it that way.

Business is brisk & wouldn’t want to get too high profile – we know what happened to Bud Buddy!

We’ve gotten this far by being honest & selling only high quality bud….maybe that’s enough! Your sample is in the mail as we speak….


That was it in a nutshell. Volume: Volume: Volume!

Dakine Cafe, in its final wheezing days on Commercial drive; even while Carol Gwilt and Don Briere were locked away; even after the raids… People showed up in droves, over 15,000 of them, to sign up for buds for their ‘Needs’ both in the rain and shine those last two weeks of Liberty.

How does anyone control or even serve that kind of market?; That kind of demand? No matter if, you limited it to only those who “‘believed’ themselves in ‘legitimate medical need?'”

It will take more then a couple brave Internet delivery services; more than one compassion club, caf? or two; more than one pharmacy; more than one health food coop to serve that Great Need.

Cannabis, unlike anything else mass produced on the global market, is best suited in Canada to small production ‘Cottage Industry,’ ‘Ma and Pa’ ‘family’ run operations. Like private breweries. One federal reserve, (run out of a toxically polluted with hard metals abandoned mine shaft), is Not going to cut the mustard.

Not, when the best quality “medical marijuana” is proving to take the care of dedicated and loving growers who know their girls like the lines in their palms and brows.

For now the trick for these burgeoning mail order companies will be finding their niche market. Developing good relationships with their clientele, and networks with their growers, yet still keep their heads low enough so, their not seen as being “Too Big for Their Biatches” or “Flaunting it,” like Police and Politicians do with their power.

Thanks! To both businesses for the Comps!


Budmail is another local, reliable, mail-order company with some great products that advertised with CC since we since November. Budmail tries to emulate an online version of a cafe in Amsterdam. Currently they offer 6 different strains, 2 kinds of bubblehash, honey oil, BudderKing’s exculsive Budder of Dakine Cafe fame. www.budmail.biz