Win a trip to the Tokers’ Bowl!

Cannabis Culture is pleased to announce our special 10th Anniversary Subscriber Giveaway. To celebrate a decade of pot publishing, we’re giving away some amazing gifts to our loyal subscribers, including an all expense paid trip to the 2005 Cannabis Culture Tokers’ Bowl!
On June 4, 2005, we will be randomly drawing the names of 15 subscribers to award them with special prizes and gifts, including one free trip to the CC Tokers’ Bowl!

There is no special entry fee, all subscribers whose subscriptions are active on June 4 are automatically eligible to be in this contest giveaway.

If you are not yet a subscriber, and you want to get in on this amazing contest, you can subscribe online here. Whether you are subscribing online or by mail, we must have your subscription information and payment received by Friday, June 3, 2005, in order for you to be eligible for this contest.

The randomly chosen Grand Prize winner will receive a free trip to our fourth annual Tokers’ Bowl (July 1-4, 2005) including airfare, accommodations, 25 strains of pot and a full-access pass to all parties and events!

The Grand Prize winner will also receive a complete set of CC backissues, a copy of Grow Like a Pro, and an assortment of other CC gifts and prizes.

For the complete list of prizes being offered, see below:

* An all-expenses paid trip to the Tokers’ Bowl, including airfare, accomodations, 25 strains of pot and a full-access pass to all parties and events.
* Copy of Grow Like a Pro signed by CC editor Dana Larsen
* Set of 36 backissues
* CC long-sleeve shirt
* Assorted CC gifts (6 postcards, 2 centrefolds, 2 packs each of CC and Pot-TV rollies)

* Set of 36 backissues
* Signed copy of Grow Like a Pro
* CC T-shirt
* Assorted CC gifts

* Copy of Grow Like a Pro
* Assorted CC gifts

* All subscribers are automatically entered in future special CC subscriber giveaways.

* Do you have the world’s best bud? If so, you could also win a free trip to the Tokers’ Bowl in our special Tokers’ Bowl pre-Bowl contest!