Flash’s Red Tie Day

“I’ve had a ‘Power Day'” Flash Gordon NewsHawk crashed out exhausted on the softest sofa. “What you mean? Where’s your red tie? Objected Atomic Atom and Orion his roomies… “You call hob-knobbing around downtown, smoking joints; hard work?”
Flash took a deep breath closed his eyes and tried to remember all he’d accomplished that day his eye lids heavy with sleep.

It had been 3am; he had received a frantic email from FranCouver and another from X-head alerting him that Don Briere and Marc Boyer were due to make an appearance at 8:30 Am in the downtown court house. Neither Fran, nor x-head could attend and although many on the Cannabis Culture Forums had pledged to attend, and many more sent their well wishes, so, Flash knew the onus was on him to attend.

Sleeping then would be a hazard. No alarm clock, however shrill, would have waked him from his reverie in time to be out the door by 7:30 or 8:00 am., given the lateness of the hour.

He idled his time away posting on the forums, drinking coffee and smoking sativa down to the roaches, minding the pot-TV live chat. Soon enough the sun made its salutation and the #19 bus took him within a brisk walk, through that dire neighbourhood, to the provincial court house on 222 Main Street.

The sheriff at the door was friendly in a way. A slight bit too friendly actually, Flash thought. Noticing the prayer cards Flash had received in the mail that morning from his Aunt, a Mother Superior, he had shoved in his pocket along with the ‘Free Marc Emery’ pin and ‘Pot is a Plant Bush is a Dope’ button. The guard told Flash: “No problem. I know you are a good guy,” but kept the buttons at his desk and meticulously went through every crevice of Flash wallet to the point where even Flash worried there might be a roach tucked away in the folds.

“Just a nickel, that’s all,” the guard assured him. “Whenever I find something hard I like to explore see what it is,” the guard further explained.

Flash was not wearing a ‘red tie’ but he had on his suit vest and tweed jacket over his black jeans and Da Kine supporter T-shirt. Flash’s belt buckle caused a few beeps and he was ordered to raise his arms in the air but he got through the minimal security check.

Up the steps, as X-head had foretold, he could read the roster which told him that Don Briere would be facing two appearances before the court this day. The roster on the court room door itself stated clearly that Don Briere was “intending” on entering two pleas of “Guilty” on this day.

When Flash entered the court, bowing curtly not to the female judge in attendance, but to the imaginary Tabernacle behind her as in times of Olde. The setting reminded him of a wedding with feuding relatives.

On one side Carol Gwilt once manageress of Da Kine Cafe sat alone and on the other side Lorne was there in support as well. Behind Lorne, his messianic grey and white gossamer hair flowing from behind, sat Marc Boyer. Marc had come prepared with a number of legal arguments and he was representing himself for a client.

Boyer believes the authorities simply don’t want him to be effective at getting the message out, by raising bureaucratic roadblocks. It’s self evident to him that a whole bunch of bigoted authorities simply want to return to the good old days before ‘The Narcotics Control Act’ that was thrown out, in 1986, by our Supreme Court, because the defendant was guilty until proven innocent. He believes; they want to ignore the fact, that all the provisions of the ‘Controlled Substance Act’ that regulate cannabis were thrown out by our High Courts for refusing to make amendments that sanctioned access to cannabis to all Canadians with legitimate medical reasons for access. As Marc Boyer has repeated to a plethora of public officials: “you need to get used to the fact that you have to defend the right of access to medical cannabis to those who qualify, because it’s the Rule of Law.”

Marc Boyer thinks ‘Malfeasance’ is a good word. Dictionary.com says its misconduct or wrong-doing, especially by a public official. It’s a very powerful position to accuse an official of a ‘direct act of malfeasance.’ It gets their attention he claims.

Flash hadn’t seen Carol since she had been imprisoned in provincial custody for 31 days awaiting trail. He snuggled right up to her in court gave her a couple squeezes.

“Where’s John Conroy?” Carol wanted to know. Carol had been expecting John Conroy to show for Don Briere’s appearance. Flash followed her out of the court room to find a phone and see when John Conroy www.johnconroy.com was due to arrive. This turned out to be a ‘fatal error.’

More than anything else Carol Gwilt wanted to be in the court when Don Briere appeared if for no other reason then that she could see his face and almost more importantly that he can see her face. No matter what hearsay has been repeated or conclusions jumped to, her Bond with Don was still very strong.

As it turned out John Conroy had sent a female lawyer in as his Agent and Briere’s plea was bumped ahead and will take place from the provincial lockup but via video November 19th.

Lorne had been in the court room when Don Briere made his very brief fleeting appearance not saying a word yet in his own defence just letting the Agent handle it.

Marc Boyer’s name was called and in his legalese and self crafted legal arguments fell upon deaf ears coming to a grinding halt when he asked the magistrate if she: ‘knows how to speak in metaphor?” Lorne started edging towards the court room exit and the bailiffs seemed to take a step or two forward as the judged declared Mark Boyer undergo a 10 day psychiatric evaluation on an out-patient basis. (Thankfully, not on an immediate in-patient basis).

Marc Boyer seemed to welcome the challenge anxious to prove himself sane. Flash recognises however those Doctors seldom, if ever give anyone a ‘Certificate of Sanity’ and indeed it is often to the contraire. Flash also doubted that Marc B. was the kind of man who would cow-tow to councillors or even show up for more than one or two appointments.

It reminded Flash of cold war Russia where only thing they feared worse than being thrown for years into the Gulag was to be sent for Life into the State Mental Hospital.

Flash left the court house with Carol Gwilt to escort through the impoverished Down- town East End. She was to meet a CBC reporter named Mike that day at the newly opening skate board and record shop “The Kind Revolution”.

They were in the process of finishing their licensing and were not ready for Carol to hold a press conference on their premises, so, Flash suggested they try across the street at BCMP HQ. (307 West Hastings) Early morning as it was, nobody much was around but MJ man did give them permission to go downstairs and scope out the Zen Garden that the artist Gary has been working on so hard, and the Pot-TV studio itself as a potential place for the CBC crew to set up.

The studio with its couches and brick wall background with pot prints was perfect. Carol had no difficulty getting Chris Bennett and the Techi Ian to share the space with the CBC Camera.

The reporter was working an angle of “Womyn in the Pot Movement” and had already interviewed the beautiful Hilary Black, foundress of the BC Compassion Club, and bodacious Canna-Comedienne Watermelon, for a woman’s opinion. He saw these brave ladies as at the forefront of the legalization movement. He asked Carol easy questions about her feelings during the first four months at Da Kine with no problems; the onslaught of media and subsequent raid; arrests and imprisonment.

Carol had achieved everything that was set out in the original mission statement, that, city hall too, had received. It had stated that they would use “Every means possible both Public and through the Courts” to advance the cause of legalization of the Healing Herb.

It was obvious they had reached The Public. Before they were forced to permanently close the doors of the Amsterdam style cafe they had signed up over 15,000 people who plainly stated on their forms that they had a “need” for Cannabis. Now Carol Gwilt was prepared to take her cause to The Courts and even prepared to serve major time in prison if that was what she is called to do. The reporter asked her if she was prepared to meet with, and speak before, the Media again:

“What if the next reporter isn’t as friendly and charming or even as empathetic as I?” Michael Hennigar asked her, but she remained undaunted and stalwart in her convictions.

“Show me the money?” seemed to big the biggest question on everyone’s lips.

Carol pointed out that the figures given by police were greatly exaggerated and that any money was quickly re-invested in the community and a number of projects they had on the go including expensive renovations to the cafe itself and keeping it stocked.

She hinted that there would be a fund for herself and the 7 who were arrested to help waylay legal costs possibly launching constitutional challenge. She is not allowed under her bail conditions to even speak with her staff but hopes they will All have chosen their legal council by the time of their next court appearance November 22nd-23rd, 2004.

The CBC cameraman took some extra shots of Carol chatting up Chris Bennett in the studio and although Chris teased Flash about “Just wanting to be on camera…” Flash figured a shot of him giving Carol a big hug might look good on the National News.

Apparently it is due to air on the 22nd of November and will hopefully be captured for Pot-tv.net News Hawks as well. Flash and Carol then had a nice breakfast at the “Happy Smile, Joy, Joy Restaurant” on Pender before they parted ways. Carol’s sincerity and goodness of heart made a lasting impression on Flash as he made his way to the New Amsterdam Cafe for a well deserved toke in the smoking room. Carol could not join him as she is under strict restrictions not to even be around people smoking herb.

Flash spotted Lorne peering through the glass of the smoking room and was surprised to learn it was he whom Lorne was seeking. Lorne filled Flash in on what had transpired in court. Don was actually looking forward to pleading guilty to parole violation and serving his Federal time as the circumstances of his imprisonment would be more liveable.

Carol had described how to make your court appearance they wake you up at 5:30 am and keep you in shackles all day as they ferry you to court and make you wait all day in them until courts adjourned for the day before they ship you back.

Lorne was befuddled as to where the profits from Da Kine had gone or if there were any left at all? He claimed that it was to be his job to look after the funds but in all the confusion and lack of precise book keeping he really didn’t know where the society stood. Flash was glad to relay that Carol had mentioned monies available for legal council for the victims of the violent terrorist-like police raid. Like an arm chair Quarterback it was easy to see where mistakes may have been made during the turbulent end times of Da Kine, but really Lorne felt no resentment to any of the staff or management of Da Kine. He made it evident to Flash that his primary concern and goal was to see Don Briere eventually freed and as soon as possible.

Flash and Lorne had stepped outside the cafe to partake of a cigarette and were both completely blown away by a young lady of extraordinary poise and beauty. Apparently it was, of all days, her Birthday and as she was not a ‘drinker’ she really hoped she could score some famous BC bud to celebrate her birth.

Lorne was sure to check her New York drivers licence and her story that she was an actress in town with her troupe seemed to go along with her breathtaking good looks. Flash was strangely moved to do something he never usually does, especially not on first meeting. He took her and Lorne to an exclusive source his “uptown downtown” supplier, nervous though he was at what kind of reception he would get for bringing by strangers.

Contrary to any worry Flash may have had, the talented beauty was well received at the Uptown Downtown place. Even the gay guy at the desk seemed smitten by her .Not only did she purchase a hefty amount (Once she heard the B.C. Prices) but she also freely gave Flash a ten dollar tip.

The trio returned to the New Amsterdam cafe where Flash rolled the young actress two large phatties, one of which she could barely finish herself and the other to be passed around to the regulars at the cafe.

Flash suggested he escort her next to the Melting Point Gallery on 1111 Commercial Drive but she had to consider the time as her ‘boy friend’ was coming in from The Island on the ferry.

Flash instead took her up the steep stairs to Spirit Within to show her what Entheobotanicals were, then back downstairs through the doors of BC Marijuana Party HQ and Bookshop so she could likewise explore the Urban Shaman Entheobotanicals shop owned there by Renee Boje http://www.urbanshaman.net . As they entered the shop they had to pass by Marc Emery so Flash took the opportunity to introduce his charge to the Prince of Pot.

Emery was positively blown away by her grace and good looks and delighted to hear that her troupe was performing one of his favourite musicals and indeed he had already bought tickets for Wednesday’s performance. The gracious girl from New York was happy to offer him a back stage tour. In return Marc offered her hit after hit off the Volcano Vaporisor, a tool to make you giddy for sure.

Marc Emery then gave the tourist a full tour of headquarters including the Zen garden out back. She motioned to Flash to follow her downstairs, somewhat of a chaperone he supposed. In the garden she praised the Prince for being so obviously a patron to many. Patrons of any sort so rare in this century she noted. Flash had told her of the lavish amounts Marc plunges into the annual Toker’s Bowl. (www.tokersbowl.com)

“Yes I suppose I’m a patron of sorts,” Marc admitted… “Flash for instance, he doesn’t really bring in any noticeable profits. He brings in clips from NewsHawks and watches over the rabble on the chat. But he does serve some kind of cultural purpose I suppose,” Marc mused.

“We call him ‘The Patron of the Rebellious Arts’ Flash chimed in.”

Soon they were standing around Pot-TV studios joking and smoking a bowls out of Marc’s new Canucks Bong with Chris Bennett, Manager of Pot-TV; author of “Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible” from forbidden fruit publishing, husband of Renee Boje . They were talking about Mormons and Flash offered that the “Osbourns” were Mormon. “I believe you mean a group from the sixties called ‘The Osmonds”” Marc corrected.

“Big difference there.” Bennett laughed, causing them all to giggle wickedly.

Flash did make sure ‘the young lady in distress no-more’ made her rendezvous with her boy friend on Robson and Granville and hoped he’d see her again. She Thanked Flash enthusiastically on the way, saying the afternoon had been “Extraordinary”. She noted that people were lined up at some points to have a word with Marc and he was ignoring them for her. “It is You who are Extraordinary!” the news hawk replied “Really Extraordinary that’s Why.”

Flash remembered he still couldn’t go home there was one more thing on his agenda: David Malmo Levine had given an exclusive invitation to Francouver and Flash for that evening at 7pm, to attend the pre-opening party for his new Vancouver School of Drug War History and Organic Cultivation, otherwise known as; “Herb School” at 123 A East Hastings street, right next too Vancouver’s new Safe injection site near Main and Hastings. Just look for the barber shop.

It’s David’s fondest hope to elevate the reputation of “Pain and Wastings” and to help in it’s improvement much in the same way as Marc Emery was able to revitalize the 300 Block of West Hastings.

When David’s not organizing events or creating programming for Pot-TV, or spending time with his beloved, his greatest joy in life comes from clipping and pasting together his series of “POT-SHOTS” magazines.

Here on the walls of his museum he was able to expand on his talents and decorate them with clippings and historical documents much like his magazines. It is the culmination of 10 years of collecting literature and artefacts of the ongoing drug war he says, and quite impressive it is. Flash had him tag one of his posters for him to set aside with other pieces Malmo has created for when Levine is as famed as Andy Warhol.

It must have taken Fran-Apple and Flash 20 minutes to travel the short distance from the front to back of the museum, so taken were they, by the art on the walls. Not until then, did they realize there were comfy chairs and couches in the back and a fridge for beverages. Indeed, a group of David’s friends and staff were gathered there. His employees seemed all cut from the same cloth; an Earth Toned or Tie-Dyed cloth, for the Earth Friendly crew.

David is just waiting on city electrical inspectors to “OK” his business licence. The school includes a ‘Green Space’ where organic tobacco and helpful entheogenetics will be grown to demonstrate organic methods of gardening. David hopes to have his school up and running by Sunday November 21st and also will be conducting tours from the facility on Tuesdays and Sundays from 3pm till 4:20 p.m., which includes the Mini-Museum, Photo Display and Video/Newsprint Archive. Organics 101 will be taught from the school as well as “A History of Fertilizers” and “Dangers of Radioactive Chemical Fertilizers”. The best tool for ‘Harm Reduction’ being: Hempucation.

Flash was surprised to run into Drug War Refugee Ken Hayes at David’s soiree. It may be already too late for Hayes whose fame comes from the Medical Marijuana clubs he founded along with Denis Peron in California which helped so many suffering with A.I.D.S. and even Cancer.

Hayes fled to Canada with his two baby girls and surpportive wife. Ken received surpport from Marc Emery and others which he says he is extreamly thankfull for, his eyes moist . His court date is approaching when he will be given a date by which he must return to the United States to serve Federal time for what was legal in his State but not Federally.

The truth is that there ARE Americans in our midst that ARE seeking to defect to Canada, as if the USA were cold war U.S.S.R., and are Truly seeking Refugee Status from the now Justice Minister, the Hon. Irwin Cotler.

They are not just escaping because of the sensless World War Three that Bush is embroiling America in, or even fear of a future draft, but to escape the other war, this one civil, that America perpetuates: “The War on Drugs.”

Steve Kubby and his wife and two beautiful daughters at least have had the financial surpport from the cannabis community to fight to remain in Canada through every legal means.

Steve Kubby brought in Proposition 215 ; a ballot referendum allowing people who were using marijuana for medical purposes to obtain and use the herb legally in the state of California but was nevertheless driven out of the States by Sheriffs and is likewise, in the slippery hands at our Justice Minister and the Courts.

The Kubby family is currently engaged in three legal challenges:

CORUM NOBIS motion: Ed Pearson has drafted a Corum Nobis motion, which he has used before to force courts to overturn convictions, based upon fraud. Bill McPike has agreed to present the motion in Placer County court, showing that the DA and arresting officer committed fraud upon the court and lied to obtain the search warrant.

APPEAL OF REFUGEE BOARD DECISION: No word yet on whether the Canadian Federal Court will agree to hear the Kubby case. This is strange, because the other two Americans, Steve Tuck and Ken Hayes have already received decisions, even though they went after us. Tuck was granted a stay, pending a hearing, while Hayes, who faces extradition, was denied. In Steve Kubby’s case, they have shown that the Immigration officials misread the law and Steve was not convicted in the US of anything that would be a crime in Canada.

BC SUPREME COURT CHALLENGE: Michele has a motion before the highest court in BC to demand that the court admit the laws against cannabis have fallen. Michele went to court, because Health Canada refused to allow her to use her doctor and expert authority, Dr. Tod Mikuriya. Although Health Canada claims American physicians don’t qualify, it doesn’t say that in any of their regulations and such obstructions are exactly why the Parker decision struck down the laws against cannabis. The Canadian Crown prosecutor officially admitted in the Hitzig case that the laws had fallen and thousands of cases were dismissed as a result. The Htizig judges claimed to have fixed the law by amending it, yet they cite no authorities for doing so. Michele is arguing that the laws were already dead and the Hitzig court lacked the authority to resurrect dead laws, or even hear the case in the first place.

Irwin Cotler during the Federal Election won over the 25,000 of us a day who visit the Pot-tv.net site by saying he was “Man of the Year on Pot TV,” according to his “children who watch it” even though our “Man” at the time was clearly Layton.

Now we know Irwin was cruely joking as he is refusing to give any indication in if he will grant any of these Freedom Fighters Refugee Status from the draconian U.S. Prohibition laws and dreadful D.E.A.

Renee could be taken from our midst at any time. Renee Boje is looking at 10 years in a federal prison in California charged with Conspiracy and Cultivation in the States for assisting in illustrating a book on How to Grow Medical Marijuana and not testifying against Tod McCormick who’s serving a ten years minimum sentance in the U.S. and Peter McWilliams R.I.P. whom, Hiv like Flash himself, died choking on his own vomit and pills denied his healing, sacred, useful, medicine while under House Arrest . Renee will have to leave her two year old and Canadian husband behind if not granted asylum in Canada. www.reneeboje.com

More recently James Geddes a ‘Reefer Refugee’ in Canada is who facing 150 years for growing 5 plants in Oklahoma and has arrived on the nearly ficticious ‘Underground Reefer Railway’ leaving everything he has behind with next to no means to support himself.

Prime Minister Paul Martin joked Americans shouldn’t expect preferential treatment just because they’re neighbours. “The fact is we are a country of immigrants and we’re prepared to receive immigrants from anywhere. (But) I doubt very much if refugee status is the way that I would characterize it,” Martin said.

Flash stayed a while at the evening soiree but was nodding out reading a coffee table book on “Why Cats Paint” so, he had to bus it home. The only thing he was sure of was he had ‘A Power Day’ with or without a ‘red tie.’