Kids and cannabis

Statistics Canada published research last May showing that there were increased rates of alcohol and marijuana use among young teens whose parents nagged them or acted negatively towards them more often.
Besides incessant nagging, negative child-parent interactions might include searching children’s clothes for pot, forcing them to take drug tests, or harassing them about hanging out with “undesirable” friends. So it seems that children of anti-pot maniacs are more likely to experiment with pot.

Nagging parents are often backed up by schools intent on indoctrinating students. Continuing a trend by anti-drug hysterical American schools that punish students for legal medication, late last year a California school voted to expel a grade 10 girl for a whole year, on charges that she possessed a single Advil pill. Last January in New Mexico, another student received a five day suspension on charges that he possessed a Gas-X pill.

Novel punishments continue to abound. Last April, when six grade seven boys in a Halifax, Nova Scotia, elementary school were busted with pot, they were sentenced to three days in grade two.

Despite the excessive punishments, kids will always find ways to access the herb if they want it. A school in Czechoslovakia recently busted three boys who grew marijuana plants right in their horticulture classroom; they were caught smoking the leaves.