The color white

I am converting a closet into a garden and I am debating using mirrors or white reflective material for the walls. Another idea I have is to use mirrors on the top and bottom and white material for the sides. Is either one of these options better than the other? Also if the white material is to be used, what is it called and where can I get it?
BB “the Herbal Man”
South City, CA

It is important to use reflective material in a small garden because a high percentage of light generated will not reach the plants without help. White reflective material bounces all the light back.

White painted walls, white cardboard, styrofoam board and polyethylene plastic are all fine reflective materials. Mylar is also convenient, but is more fragile and reflects the light back in hot spots and is affected by the garden environment. The dull side of aluminum foil is also a good reflector and disperses the reflections. It is considerably cheaper than mylar. Mirrors also reflect light in hot spots and they absorb a higher percentage than the other materials mentioned.

In most gardens not much light hits the floor, so a reflective surface isn’t very effective there. However, if you do wish to pursue that avenue, use styrofoam board or polyethylene plastic as reflective material. They are inexpensive, impervious to water and gardening chemicals and easy to install and cannot break.

With a good reflector virtually no light should be directed to the ceiling so no reflective material is required there.

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