Halloweed @ The New Amsterdam Cafe

Vancouver BC Sat October 30th, 2004 Exhale Entertainment presented: Halloweeen Live @ New Amsterdam Cafe ( # 9 – 311 W Hastings St Vancouver ) With sponsorship from Grass Roots Hemp and Drums on Commercial Drive, Larmy Clothing Metropolis, Boomtown, 1252 Burrard, Ra House Metrotown, New Amsterdam Cafe, BC Marijuana Party Bookstore featuring Third Eye Tribe with Bounty Hunta. Tickets were 15 bucks and they were sold out by 9 pm. Flash and Orion bought theirs at the new KIND REVOLUTION newly opened music and skate shop store across from BC Marijuana Party Bookstore.
The trip started when Count Flash and FrankeNstoner got some Juicy Fruit from their favorite ‘Dial Dope Deal Delivery’ source and a ride to the Nanaimo sky train. FrankNstoner made a theatrical exit head first from the back seat displaying his heart patterned ginch which caused them a chuckle.

As they went to buy sky train tix, FrankNstoner worried “Master I feel like a freak dressed up and no one else is.”

“That’s okay, it’s Halloween,” replied Count Flash confidently.

“Yeah, tomorrow it is,” moaned FrankNstoner.

“OMG! It Isn’t Halloween only Halloweed!” exclaimed Count Flash.

The duo of ghouls took the Surrey Express Sky train to Waterfront Station. They were accosted by a couple of English mates outside the Wine Thief in Gastown.

“D’you know where we might find a fancy dress shop like you two lads?” The curious gentlemen inquired. Count Flash was able to direct them around the corner to Dressew where costumes were for sale.

Count Flash and FrankNstoner arrived dreadfully early at 4:20 PM, but were received well by Fran and Diane. Freaky Francouver was dressed as a stoned Afghani girl, with a burkha covering her belly dancer garb. She was showing too much flesh, thought Count Flash Bong Loadin’, so phatties were rolled to ‘stone’ her.

Diane, X-tra.ca West reporter, came dressed as a ‘Ballerina Noire’ and joined them at their table as they scouted out a booth. Good ol’ Dave without costume, but plenty of strong opinions, decided to stay on for the party forking over the 15 dollars cover.

Out front FrankNboner …er… ‘Stoner,’ who was created with no ‘GayDar’ could not decipher the sex or gender of the feather nippled vixen who was there but was nearly overcome by the scantly clad cave girl in her string leopard bikini covered loosely in a tiger skin which she seemed anxious to abandon.

“It doesn’t get better than that does it FrankNStoner?” asked Flash rhetorically “NOOO….!” agreed his monster creation.

Tank girl with her purple coifed hair was equally impressive but the Count’s monster had no idea what the inclinations of the spiked blond haired golden boy were who danced the night away. FrankNstoner was also willing to risk arrest at the hands of the policewoman with her magnificent hand-cuffs.

Even without gaydar, FrankNStoner knew the young fellow in the old man’s trench coat with a nylon sock stuffed with a cucumber extruding from his fly was purely a joke. The gentleman was even kind enough to let Afghani Fran, the Afghan princess, to touch it to see if it was real.

As they camped upstairs, at what was one of the best booths available, watching the scary horror shows on the monitors above, hordes of party goers passed by their table finding their way downstairs.

Passing by their table were witches and warlocks; devils and develettes with long pointy tails; Angels abounded with wings like gossamer; Pimps and Ho’s were everywhere, displaying their ‘bling bling’ jewelry. They must have smoked, all told, a half ounce just at thier booth alone.

Downstairs the DJ’s and musicians and a large dance area with a side table for pizza and chairs and tables at which to sit and roll were set up. Beer and coolers were also available for four dollars each but it seemed like most people preferred to get high.

As the Evening wore on the group around the ‘immature-mature table’ decided to abandon their post and venture down stairs where now a crowd of near 200 had gathered to sway and dance to the seductive tunes of Third Eye Tribe and Bounty Hunta who can often be heard on The Beat 94.5 FM:

“Everybody Roll Up, Everybody Toke Up, Everybody Smoke Up, Everybody’s HIGH! Everybody Roll Up, Everybody Toke Up, Everybody Smoke Up, Everybody’s Stoned!”

Bounty Hunta was born in TO raised in ATL. He finds he fit into the black culture more than the society culture.

He does things like smoking weed that are hardly noticed by the Black culture but can outcast you from regular societal culture .However, the artists that touch him the most are Rakim and RunDMC (old school rap), Prince, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Van Halen.

Grow-Op Records Inc., which Bounty Hunta is involved with, is are a rap label started in East Van. They have 7 releases, and a distribution deal that covers nation wide with Fusion 3 out of Montreal. The releases includes: ‘Homegrown,’ a compilation that features every large name in Vancouver rap. ‘Grow-Op’ picked up ‘Game Related’ from another local label ‘Double UP Records’ for distribution. Checkmate is an old friend of Hunta and adding his record to his list for distribution just seems to be a perfect match.

“When picking a name for my label I wanted something that exposed the weed lifestyle that I live and do it with no shame. My logo means a lot to me when I hear people say “flower power” I really feel that now…” “The name Grow-Op means growth in operation it shows that so called ‘stoners’ can be productive members of the thing we call society,” he explained to Flash.

The Hunta feels; “BC has so many pluses; the multi culturalness; the laid back attitude; the weather; the women, but of coarse the way they have perfected the growing, makes BC the envy of North America.As well the other cities in Canada, and the world for that matter, can take a lesson from BC on how to be tolerant of the cannabis culture’ he says. “Weed is a huge part of music makers everywhere gangster rap is no exception. It is a community thing; it’s a social thing, like having a cup a tea; a great way to catch up with an old friend or to get right into a book,” he admitted frankly to Count Flash. “Yes it does help the artistic process it takes the edge off; it helps you escape the ills of everyday so you can partake in creative process that is so necessary when making music.” Hunta so believes.

There were giveaways and prizes all evening although FrankNstoner didn’t win after all for his green painted face and rubber hair wearing a “If You Don’t Know Willy You Don’t Know Jack” T-shirt and “POT IS A PLANT BUSH IS A DOPE” button, torn sweat pants and army boots. Kytami was particularly sweet on the violin. Jacob, Ty C, Subliminal, Ill-Esha Vs. Symantik, Lenny Ford, Ryan Ross, Slick, really ‘rapped’ things up the Halloweed party turning into an all night Marijuana Rave.