The Sunday Club and Blood Moon Eclipse Celebration

Sandwich board in front of BCMPSandwich board in front of BCMPFrancouver had invited Flash Gordon to the Sunday Club; a meeting of whomever is coming, every Sunday afternoon at The New Amsterdam Cafe. Why is it called the Sunday Club and is held on Sunday besides that most people aren’t working then?
Well, as it was explained to Flash, Sunday is usually when the American Soft Drug Tourists and others are heading back out of the country the next day. Often they are anxious to consume and or unload their leftover stash and sometimes pretty pricey paraphernalia they have gummed up.

This Sunday afternoon Francouver had assembled Noah of & and Gabriel of Montreal, and young hippy Richard of California, whom had all met up previously on the Internet and come together in Vansterdam BC for this vacation.

Fran also had two of her lady friends in attendance and everyone had brought a healthy stash to the popular smoke friendly cafe which was generously shared around the table equally although they had to discourage the Montrealers from adding ‘tabac’ to the mix, like the Europeans do, or Blunts like the East Coasters do. The fruity and aromatic flavors of the local strains like ‘Juicy Fruit’ were satisfying enough without the added pollutant. It had been decided that the group of them, this special afternoon, would bus it on the number 16 all the way to the Ridge Theater in Kits. (3131 Arbutus ? Info (604) 738-6311 ? 10/22 thru 11/21)

There Fran even paid Flash’s ten dollar admission to attend the much celebrated and hilarious “Spike and Mike festival of Animation” that presents favorites like “Honey I’m High” “No Neck Joe” by Craig McCracken; “Snowman” by Lane Nakamura; “Peepshow” by Debbie Bruce & Natalie Repp; “Beyond Grandpa” by Breehn Burns and Jason Johnson ( ; “Cane Toad” by Andrew Silke and David Clayton, plus those adorable murderous mayhem causing “Happy Tree Friends” and more.

Some of the cartoons may shock you out of your sensibilities addressing taboo subjects like urinal etiquette or first boners (“My First Boner” by Mighty Fudge Studios ( but all will make you laugh out loud.

The Tabac CrewThe Tabac CrewThe following day it rained hard and cold, but next day after that it was a beautiful sunny day. Flash had brought in the “Scary Movie” videos for the talented Techi Ian’s Haloweed Special. Ian utilized the props the window dresser/ artist extraordinaire Gary had designed to achieve a spooky surreal effect for the opening. (

Flash again ran into the trio of tourists and asked Rich and Noah to use their high tech digital cams to do some exterior and scenery shots that Flash had wanted for his bloggs and to make a yahoo slide show from. (

Flash then took them on the sky train to The Drive so as they could walk, like Noah had proposed, but not “down Main Street,” as he had suggested, (nothing but poverty and destitution to see along that street downtown), but down the more cosmopolitan diverse and alternative culture on the Drive in East Van.

Noah said he refused to pay the sky train fare. Rather than argue with him further Flash asked Rich to buy his friend a ticket just in case the sky train cops checked, although from Montreal he could no doubt easily avoid paying the penalty of a fifty dollar fine. “It is because he’s nearly broke,” confided Richard who gladly paid the two dollar ticket to avoid calamity.

Flash wanted to linger longer at Grass Roots Hemp and Drums but Noah wasn’t interested in toking anymore and wished rather to fill his stomach and scope out the Vancouver Women on the Drive. The pizza at Golden Boys in the window where Flash had hastened the hungry group was appealing to him in the least unlike the place on Pender he was earlier urging them to visit.

Luckily right across the street was the Belgian Fries place advertising; “CBC NEWS Montreal Reports BEST POUTINE IN BC”.

“If it has real cheese curds that’s where we going” asserted Gabriel. And indeed there was!

The Sunday Club goes to Spike and Mike`sThe Sunday Club goes to Spike and Mike`sThe party of four shared two large orders of steaming hot Belgium Fries smothered in cheese Kurds and gravy and Flash was very glad that Rich shared his with him. The Montrealers were well pleased with the fare; a taste of home, and a treat the Californian with them who enjoyed his first taste.

Finally after walking several blocks they reached the counter at the Melting Point Gallery where they could test the volcano vaporisors and Vrip Techs in the luxurious classy gallery. Its effects when used to vaporize their stashes was dizzying and knocked you in the back of the head like hot knives used to hit you in the 70’s. You almost needed a friend to stand behind you in case you fall back or even forward. It brings up the phlegm from your lungs if you’ve been smoking, but leaves them feeling clearer and your breathing easier than before. It is comforting to know your not adding tar and carbon to your lungs.

The next evening Flash had some extra dough so did his best to gather up a stash of ‘Eh Train’ from T.H. Cannaceticals, tested high in THC and CBDs by Dr. Hornby and brought to Flash by Pharmer Tom of fame.

Flash invited Tiger and Ice, the Canadian married gay couple who worked so hard holding the fort at Da Kine and run the Cannabis Culture Live chat IRC server. They brought the Volcano they were holding for Da Kine.

Steve Payne, who worked at Emery’s side as far back as Marc’s original bookstore in London, Ontario, that fought Sunday shopping laws and censorship in that province over 10 years ago showed up. Steve brought an ounce of Jordan of the Island’s who has always ranked high in the Bowls. The primo bud he had paid extra for its superior quality. Francouver stayed long enough to watch the eclipse of the moon. As it turned red in the night sky and shimmered as if it were disintegrating she cried plaintively out to a passer by from the patio who paid no heed; “The moon’s Bleeding”.

“Red sky at Night; Sailors Delight” rhymed Steve hopefully.

“A Blood moon cannot be a good portent,” Flash worried referring to the term for late October ‘Hunter’s Moon’ turned red by eclipse. The time to follow the dung left by the Caribou, consuming the ‘shrooms growing on them to aid in the hunt finally gorging on the blood of their prey or seek out your enemies for battle then celebrating the victory of their take.

“First the hurricanes hit Florida, then Mount Saint Helens erupts, and I heard reports of locusts… Will America have to lose their first born and find frogs in their drinking water it turned to blood and still vote George Bush?” Flash pondered out loud.

“That’s precisely why they’ll vote for Bush,” Francouver moaned.

Noah kinda embarassed himselfNoah kinda embarassed himself“Isn’t this the age of Aquarius were in now. I mean it’s 2004! We used to sing of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius isn’t it here yet? I’m Aquarius this is supposed to be my Age WTF?” demanded Flash.

“I feel the Earth Move under my feet. I feel the Sky Come Tumbling Down, Come Tumbling Down,”

Fran and Flash danced about on the front patio and sang together spontaneously in harmony to the amusement and bewilderment of Flash’s younger, more mature, housemates before she had to take an early bus home.

When the door bell rang it was the trio of soft drug tourists from the other day and a friend. “Oh your late nearly missed the eclipse,” Flash was surprised they had made it.

Rich and Gabriel nodded meekly towards Noah who had brought a charming young lady in tow.

Soon they were all toking and enjoying themselves. Tree Fish even showed to watch the changes in the moon and He and Flash hung at the computer mostly surfing

The pretty girl seemed to have had enough powerful tokes and complimented her host by feeling secure and comfortable enough to pass out pleasantly on the far couch. They dined on chips and Halloween chocolates, drank coca cola and smoked many a cola, making good use of the extra large Bob Marley Hemp Papers. As day past into the early wee hours of morning a cab was called for the foursome to return to their Cambie hotel room. There appeared at the door to be some tension between the young beautiful girl and Noah. “Nobody like someone sticking their finger up their nose when their sleeping,” snapped the girl. “Ohh, it’s the Montreal way!” The young francophone said in his defense.

“Don’t say that. It is not,” continued the assertive young lady. “You’ll give Montrealers a bad name.”

Flash intervened in her defense stated flatly that nobody likes being prodded and disturbed when they are just waking up and that Winston Churchill’s wife would not speak to him before he had eaten and had his cigar. Effectively changing the conversation though Noah appeared unrepentant and his two friends looked askance.

The otherwise friendly girl gave Flash a lovely and kind smile and thanked him nevertheless for the evening. It was certain Noah had embarrassed his country men and himself.

You’ve got to take the good with the bad and Flash did not regret his celebration or forming bonds with Gabriel and Hippy and Peace loving Rich, but remembered that not everyone you hook up with on the Net may have the Herb and the Repeal of Prohibition as their primary Raison d’Etre.

“Be on your guard but don’t be afraid to reach out occasionally knowing that when you offer that toke it’s an act of intimacy. Your saying when you pass: ‘I trust you enough not to Narc me out, not to tell my boss or those who refuse to accept me for my use of this plant.’ It is an act of trust that says: ‘I’m Ok your Ok.’ Choose your friends well even if you cannot choose your relatives.” Flash concluded.