The Prince of Pot returns

Marc Scott Emery, the Prince of Pot and Patron of the Rebellious Arts, President of the BC Marijuana Party, returned to his castle at 307 West Hastings, the BC Marijuana Party Book Store and Head Quarters, home of Renee Boje’s Urban Shaman Entheobotanical shop, Pot-TV Studios, MJ Man’s Seed Office and Little Grow Shop.
Everyone who had heard was there. The anticipation had grown and grown the bookshop girls, Gary the resident BCMP artist, pot-tv crew and Michelle Marc’s Executive assistant all rushing about in a mad dash to have everything just right for their near martyred hero’s return.

The wait was too much for many as the 4pm press conference hour approached. They gathered outside the BCMP HQ en masse along with interested onlookers and some, like an American Flash had met, would be shaking Marc’s hand for the first time. Marc rounded the corner of the partition of the “Pot Block” mural and was immediately set upon by City TV reporters. ( Newshawks – October 20th – Prince Of Pot Free! )

Marc looked to Flash to be much gaunter but there was a look, a twinkle in his eye that seemed more loving, more caring, kinder and gentler, there was something more empathetic and compassionate in his gaze than Flash had ever witnessed before.

Marc first embraced his loyal and long serving executive assistant the beautiful bombshell Michelle in a long and lingering hug, their eyes glistening no doubt with not just relief, but Joy and Love. Michelle had been the hub to hold the spokes of the wheel together in Marc’s absence.

His Entrance was surreal to Flash and regal with City TV reporters following him into the totally redecorated BCMP HQ as if it were a Cathedral with an air of High Drama in a kind of slow motion walk.

They broke to hug and embrace their leader, returned at last to the breasts of his comrades in arms, long sufferer of the injustices of this insane war on drugs and our very own Brothers and Sistahs.

Ensconcedat the Helm of the bookstore, at ease behind the counter, Marc launched in a both hopeful and emotional speech in which he warned his followers that he may well be carted off to the gulag again and that any one of us could be carted off at any time. ( Welcome Back Marc on Pot TV )

Flash lounged with Fran on the seed office couch and was caught looking goofy and high as hell hamming up on the pot-tv cam, by the talented Techi Ian, but Flash did manage to get in an intelligent question in at the end of the reel.

Marc Emery had taken heart in the fact that his Enterprises and Activism had continued several fold with record sales in both seed and retail sales. ( Perhaps it was that without Marc’s generosity at play and access to the petty cash in his sharing with others that profits had increased? )

Marc had agreed, at any rate, to accept an allowance of 100.00 a day and rid himself of the responsibility of handing out cash to those who usually avail him on a daily basis, freeing himself up for the real work of meeting soft drug tourists and the press and raising an army of Candidates for the upcoming provincial election to once more raise pot’s profile across the country.

After having been deprived of everything in prison, his 75.00 a week going to furbish the other inmates with canteen treats like chips and chocolate, such small sacrifices now seemed small in comparison.

Marc had not wallowed his time away wishing he was elsewhere but had thrown himself into the drama and melo-drama in the lives of those whom he had been brought together with is the cold Saskatchewan prison. Marc did whatever it was that he could to smooth things over with the authorities like a kind of union rep; help fellow inmates with filling out their request forms; or smoothing out domestic difficulties with spouses that felt abandoned and over burdened by inmates who demanded sympathy from them.

His logging had become very important to him. He felt he had now an obligation to his readership and would spend many hours meditating on what he would write, visions and revisions.

He had been grateful for the more than 500 letters he received and taken the time to read everyone of them, as well as at least half of Flash’s 250 page anthology of stories. He was also grateful to Jodie g for the time consuming transcribing of his journal writing and for taking the time on the phone to read him pertinent posts on the Cannabis Culture Forums and items in the news.

His fellow inmates had reported that they had seen “his ‘Homies’ outside the court house” in Saskatoon. Fifty or more had gathered everyday of his incarceration in protest sometimes in most inclement weather.

The press had reported on his losing his towel in prison that which was returned to him but was asked to leave as an autographed relic of his stay. The press didn’t report on how he learned to light paper using a light socket, the stories of violence even prison hangings he heard of or the quantities of drugs that prohibitionists can’t even keep out of their own prisons.

In a way he was amazed at his own ability to continue to run his empire from inside prison walls. He was never denied the opportunity for an interview during his incarceration and was able to continue to be political through the media but had to sign a waiver that he had not been coerced.

The usually unsentimental and down to earth Chris Bennet, husband, father and protectorate of Renee Boje and Baby Shiva Sun, appeared, at least to Flash, to be holding back a tear or two listening to parts of Marc’s emotional speech. But now was not the day to discuss ‘Prison Reform,’ today was a celebration of Marc’s homecoming.

In the long narrow basement of BCMP headquarters Michelle had spared no expense to lay out a banquet which would please both the requirements of strict vegans like David Malmo Levine and gluttons like Flash who cleaned up on the coconut shrimp.

There was all kind of pop, spring water and healthy juices and drinks and best of all for Flash hot organic Salt Spring Island coffee by the canister.

Flash unsnarled Marc in a kinda half hand shake, half headlock hug and the woman and girls lined up to take their turns. In fact it is safe to say that the princely pot patriarch was literally surrounded by the most beautiful of stoner woman for the remainder of the evening. His magnetism and mojo, ( as if he wasn’t already the Hugh Hefner of the Pot World, ) had seemly risen in its potency as well.

As if the exquisitely beautiful multi colored haired bookshop girls were not enough pleasant company, Jodie G was there and the likes of diva comedienne Watermelon, CC.50; Compassion club foundress Hilary Black and her jazz vocalist backup Beth; always gracious Rielle and drug war refugee faerie queen Renee Boje ( ) paid their respects.

Some dewd came rushing downstairs asking Flash: “The girl on the cover, you know? she’s upstairs whats her name?”

The dark eyed beautiful CC cover girl Natrishka, ( CC.48 ) had arrived late to the locked front gate. She told Flash through the glass she would just go around back but Flash insisted she would have to wait a moment and stay out of the rain. Nothing but ‘VIPP’ ( Very Important Pot Person ) service did she deserve. Indeed, The book store girls and Michelle bolted upstairs with the key to greet her with giggles and grant her audience with the prince.

Flash was surprised not to see the “Too Tall Brother’s,” carrying the tunes but the Jazz band they selected, although younger, seemed pretty hip. They didn’t know any reefer tunes or any of the songs Flash could think of like “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” but did consent to do a song with the sultry passionate Beth which left Flash wishing for an encore.

Richard Cowan had made it for the occasion and even the esteemed Queens Council John Conroy had made if for the occasion and asked after Brian Perdue of Sudbury and if he had secured council after having been pulled over and searched out of pure prejudice for his political beliefs after the fill the hill rally.

Flash barely overheard Mr. Conroy chiding Marc to not lose credibility with the public in his attempts to shock them out of their sensibilities. Marc had gained a new Passion in jail and Love of Truth which he appears unwilling to compromise for any gain. Conroy is quite happy with the new blood Jodie Pressman has injected into the Canadian Branch of Norml and hopes for its revitalment. Richard Cowan Pot-TV ex-news anchor and host of says he hopes to talk with Jodie P as well and get his take on things. Nebula the web master for Cannabis Culture was in attendance and surprisingly Karlis even made an appearance. Many were also in attendance Flash did not immediately recognize including guests from the States and those who had joined from the neighbouring New Amsterdam cafe.

Flash had prepared a scrap book of clippings to present to Marc including his recent front page appearance on Vancouver’s queerest magazine X-tra west with circulation of 30,000.

Marc twice asked what Flash’s new mantle of “Queer Hero” was about, even after Flash had given him the article to read. Finally as the evening wound down, some of the guests departed to go see a radical film David Levine was recommending at Silver City Theaters, and Flash got his opportunity to talk ‘tete a tete’ with his most favored mentor, Marc.

“I didn’t know! Marc grinned in a kind of impish manner a sparkle in his eye…”

“Well ‘Queer’ covers a multitude of sins and every possible dalliance,” Flash interjected.

“Oh I know… I guess in four years it never came up!” His Highness laughed good naturedly.

The hour was late and most had cleared out but there were still silver bowls heaped with bud, Hashplant, and Blueberry among them. Flash rolled a phatty for the road to smoke in the Zen garden with departing guests and grabbed a nugg or two to bring home to his hurtin’ roommates. Michelle gave him a T shirt with ‘Marc Free World’ circling an embroidered pot leaf.

It seemed to be missing the word ‘the’ and perhaps thats why there weren’t many produced, but since Flash gets the majority of his t-shirt wardrobe from Michelle, he never says “No.” A pack of Bob Marley papers to go and Flash was on the number 19 bus home.

The city lights seemed brighter, the weight of the world lighter, now that Marc was back in town. The Prohibitionists had better shake in their black boots!