Canada cops out

Canada can’t seem to figure out whether to protect or persecute med-pot users. On May 31, the Vancouver Island Therapeutic Cannabis Research Institute (VITCRI), which provided medicine to 390 med-pot patients, was raided by the RCMP. VITCRI was a nationally lauded med-pot provider whose founder, Phil Lucas, once met with Canada’s Minister of Health, and whose activities have been praised by the courts during previous trials which exonerated him.
On June 7, the operators of Toronto’s Section 56 Compassion Club were released from charges stemming from a raid on their med-pot dispensary. At the trial of Bruce Ryan, Pierre Champagne and James Wallace, the prosecutor announced that “the Ministry of Justice has reviewed these cases and has decided that it is no longer in the public interest to continue with the prosecutions.”

Meanwhile, Canada Post is now confiscating packages of pot delivered from federally licensed growers to federally licensed users. Canada Post claims that it won’t ship the legal med-pot as it is not a “licensed deliverer,” but Health Canada denies that any such license exists, and says Canada Post can legally handle such deliveries.