Container size for a passive SOG garden

I am moving from soil to a hydroponics garden. I want to use the passive system with the SOG method. What size pots should I use?
Queensland, Australia

SOG (sea of green) gardens use many small plants rather than one large plant. The advantage to the grower is that many plants are growing in an area, so each has to grow only a little to fill the space. The disadvantage is that the law bases sentencing on plant counts rather than canopy space or yield.

Plants in SOG gardens are given canopy space from 1/4 square foot to one square foot per plant. A plant with canopy space of 1/4 square foot (six inches by six inches) can use a six-inch container. These come in round and square sizes. The square size holds more soil. Plants grown on 12-inch spacing (one per square foot) can be grown in 12-inch diameter planting containers. They hold about three gallons of soil. The more soil the roots have to stretch out in, the larger and more vigorously the plant will grow above ground.

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