Cooling water

I am growing a Dutch Passion feminized Blueberry strain using a 1,000-watt HPS lighting system, and an aeroponics growing chamber with seven plants. The total garden area is five by six feet in a walk-in closet. It’s winter now and my solution stays around 75 deg F (24 deg C). Will the nutrient solution get too warm in the summer? Is there a water chiller on the market for aeroponic units? If so, where do I get one?
Rock Hill, South Carolina

The water and air in your system should be kept between 72-75 deg F (22-24 deg C).

If your house is air conditioned, there is no reason that the water or air temperature should rise during the summer. The house would be kept at around the same temperature year round.

However, if the house is not air conditioned there will be a big heat build-up during the summer. This will result in less vigorous growth topside and damage to the root system. The reason is that warm water holds less oxygen than cool water and roots need oxygen to live.

The air in the closet can be cooled using a small portable air conditioner. The roots can be cooled using a water chiller. They are sold to keep aquarium water cool. The chiller should be attached to your aeroponic water system and automatically adjust the water temperature.

Chillers are available at sophisticated aquarium stores. They are advertised in aquarium magazines and can be found on the net by searching for “aquarium water coolers.”

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