Pot candidate update

Of the former Marijuana Party members who transferred to the NDP and sought to run as candidates, only Alison Myrden was successful in winning a nomination.
Chris Goodwin, Executive Youth Officer for the NDP Riding Association, lost his bid to represent the Ontario riding of Hamilton. This young activist, involved in the battle for a sane drug policy, has a bright future and will keep trying to make a difference through the NDP.

Shawn Lewis, who sought the NDP nomination in the Ontario riding of London-Fanshawe, is interested in building credibility and becoming an active member of local riding associations, as well as selling more NDP memberships since his defeat. He says becoming “new guard” successors for the future without alienating the “old guard” is the way to create future victories within the NDP.

Chris Bransfield lost his nomination to represent the NDP in the Ontario riding of Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke by a slim margin of only 18 votes. Nevertheless, he says he feels positive about the process and is encouraged by the enthusiasm from his new-found family of pot activists. He says he did not back down from stating his opinions about marijuana when asked by local papers or radio, and that his biggest accomplishment was signing up 40% more new members in just 13 days.

Cannabis Culture editor Dana Larsen, who resigned as the leader of the BC Marijuana party to seek the NDP nomination in the riding of West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast, came in second place.

Larsen says he doesn’t regret his decision to switch parties, and continues to have faith in Jack Layton and the federal NDP. Larsen also says that he will likely be seeking the NDP nomination provincially, for the BC election due in May 2005. “Whoever wins the provincial NDP nomination in my riding will more than likely end up in the Legislature,” says Larsen. “I hope to be able to represent my riding, and the BC cannabis culture, as a member of the NDP.”

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? Unofficial legalization wing of the NDP: www.ndpot.ca