NDP on pot

Jack Layton: for totally legal pot.Jack Layton: for totally legal pot.Elected members of Canada’s NDP have been getting more open in their support for legalized marijuana.
NDP MLA Peter Kormos, who represents the riding of Niagara Centre in Ontario’s Provincial Legislature, spoke out in support of legal marijuana at a “Green truth” summit organized in Ontario.

“Canadians from all walks of life and generations are enjoying trainloads of marijuana,” said Kormos. “The solution is to legalize it, regulate it, tax it and control it.” Kormos added that federal NDP Leader Jack Layton and Ontario NDP Leader Howard Hampton “will be true to their promise that they will put an end to prohibition.”

Federal NDP MP Libby Davies, who represents the BC riding of Vancouver East, has long been an advocate of ending Canada’s drug war. She is scheduled to speak at the June 5, 2004 “Fill the Hill” pro-pot rally held at Canada’s Parliament buildings, along with other marijuana activists.

Jack Layton himself has also continued to promote his vision of a legal, regulated environment for marijuana in a variety of major media interviews. When asked if he has toked up himself, Layton typically replies, “I never exhaled.”

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