Tropical choices

I live in the middle of Brazil. I’m trying to decide what kind of seeds to buy that will work well in this climate. The sun is very hot down here. Summers are humid but it is dryer and rains less in the winter.
I want to grow herbs and vegetables together with the pot plants. I’m more interested in potency than yield. I just want some for my own consumption and to blow my friends’ minds. They have never tasted the good stuff.

The Brazilian,

You have several choices as to varieties. Short season varieties will begin to flower as soon as they are planted outdoors. These include most of the Indicas and other plants adapted to ripen early. They can be grown in beds placed six to 12 inches apart. They will grow a bit as they flower but will not grow taller than 15 inches. If the dark period can be interrupted using strings of incandescent bulbs, then the plants can be stopped from flowering and will grow vegetatively until they receive a long uninterrupted dark period.

Plants that flower later in the season will grow a bit before they flower. Equatorial plants which are acclimated to growing under about 12 hours of light will grow vegetatively and flower after four or five months of growth.

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