Pot luck

Among some crowds, the term “cabbage head” means someone who will smoke anything to get high, but in January one Belgian tourist may have taken the notion too far. En route from Amsterdam to Brussels by train, he was arrested for possessing 250 grams of cabbage leaves mixed with pot and given a 200 Euro fine. Police seemed unsure whether the grass was meant as a special garnish for a cabbage salad, or if he was merely trying to conceal his stash. Earlier that month, they had mistakenly arrested another man with a bag of dried vegetable soup that looked like shake and had given him an 800-Euro fine.
In New Mexico, a tractor-trailer driver was transporting frozen hens stuffed with an alleged 1,240 pounds of marijuana when he ran afoul of the law last March. Perhaps the site of cops made the driver act a little chicken, because otherwise uninterested police became suspicious and searched his vehicle.

Probably the most ingenious hiding place for pot discovered in recent months was a closed-down brewery in Ontario. Over 20,000 plants were seized from their snug pots ? where else but in the brew vats themselves! Afraid that bystanders might enjoy the smell if they burned the plants, cops cruelly buried the plants alive under 20 feet of earth and garbage.

Of course if you run out of cabbage, chicken stuffing and beer bud you can always smoke a plain old joint.