Flash Gordon’s day off

Flash awoke from a coma-like sleep induced the previous day from a regulated 75 mg dose of Tait/Hornby Canaceticals professionally baked cookies and having ‘smoked two joints, and smoked two joints, and then smoked two joints more.’ he had to take leave of his guests to “lunge into bed” like Mike Wallace of 60 mins.
It was noon and he wanted to get his drug war comedy clips from over the weekend into Pot-TV studios ASAP.

He knew that Marc was off very next day to go before the stone faced Justices in Saskatoon. Flash had majored in philosophy at the U of S in Saskatoon. It’s the same University they developed the science of Eugenics on mental patients which the Nazis adopted and same university they tested LSD for CIA.

You can freeze to death in -30 deg without a coat easily and Flash and the other Seminarians had to run from building to building and mole through tunnels to stay warm with fox fur around thier faces and beards coated in frost.

A great place for injustice, because if a native freezes in a field and no ones there to hear his cries does it make a sound?

He quickly passed the purple haired girl at the seed desk with his knapsack bundle of vhs tapes tucked under his arm and went down to greet Chris Bennett www.pot-tv.net‘s Executive Director manning his station working on research on pipes of Antiquity.

Flash let him know of his urgency to record these latest comedy bits as they had spent some time Sunday, with Orion, lining them up on the tapes and readying them for replay.

However, one in particular, would take some fast forwarding and studio time, as it contained three different hits.
Chris Bennett author of the near cult classic Sex Drugs Violence and the Bible available from www.forbiddenfruitpublishing.com/home.html ,
the chivalrous knight in shining armor and husband of the California earth Faerie Princess Queen, Renee Boje, and their Canadian born prodigy-child, Shiva Sun, who has fled here to Canada from the Draconian tyranny of the Drug Czar and DEA controlled Civil Drug War and been cast by the Courts of Supream Justice, upon the Mercy of Parliamentarians and the Justice Minister for merely remaining Loyal and True to Peter McWilliams (R.I.P) and Tod McCormick (Still Imprisoned 10 yrs) by not offering her testimony.

(Although all she did was freshen a plant she was sketching for Tod’s next book on “How to Grow Medical Marijuana” under Prop 215 the Kubbys had brought to bare.)

She would have had to spend a cruel beyond usual, 10 years in Federal Prison with daily humiliating strip searches such as she has already ordealed while is U.S. grip. (www.reneeboje.com for more details.)

Flash rolled a stout joint of Atomic Shiva from Tait/Hornby High Voltage Cannaceuticals, and as he lit declared: “We have ignition!”

Flash hit play to start his tape.

Just then, into the studio trotted Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture editor who has been with the magazine well over 10 years now since its inception as Cannabis Canada Magazine.

He’s had his baby on the Christmas issue and seen the mag. grow from a fancy seed catalougue to an international magazine with an authentic Soul that does not accept phony bud adds or information which is anything but Genuine and Drug war news and stories of both despair and Hope, which is very much needed and important when even High Times Magazine is rumored to be talking dropping informative content on marijuana and marijuana issues.

Operation Pipe Dreams and Pipe Cleaner sweeping America; Ma and Pa pipe shops taken off the map. The service that Dana does in presenting an alternative post prohibition ideal of what it can be like, given liberty and freedom, is sorely needed.

Dana wanted to know if Chris had a pipe for bubble hash and it so happened Chris had been collecting Pipes of Antiquity for the upcoming Cannabis artifacts museum in the offing; Hopefully, some day, of a stature that will rival that of Nol’s Willie Wortle Hemp Museum in Haarlm in the Netherlands.

Chris produced a long stemmed pipe which could easily be mistaken for a ‘Coolies’ opium pipe from the time of the laying of the great railway but was indeed a hash smoking device from antiquity.

The traces of hash had proven its purpose.

It’s draw was surprisingly steady and smooth as the sharpness of the bublehash hit the back of your laranyx.

Chris and Dana busied themselves googling up pipe styles of Muslims versus European and Far Eastern even happening upon a device used in Africa exclusively for Herb.

In some cases it was difficult to discern if a smoking device was for inscence or inhaling directly.

This gave Flash plenty of time to fast forward through the long, boring, inconsequential, parts of his tapes and before long all the most recent clips had been recorded with the least amount of studio time angunst.

There was even time to recreate with the talented Artistsan Gary, who had transformed the back exit into a Zen garden worth of a Buddha prince, and discuss his coming projects to further beautify the BC Marijuana Party Headquarters and exterior of Renee Boje’s entheobotanical kiosk within the Urban Shaman.

Flash smokes up CC editor Dana LarsenFlash smokes up CC editor Dana LarsenUpstairs, Marc Emery was flirting about with the girls and the customers. Clients were coming and going in droves and the seed desk was kept busy. Marc leaned on the main counter surveying the bookshop. Flash saddled up beside him and wished him Godspeed to Saskatoon and good l! uck setting precedents there.

“Is that the new Cannabis Culture Mag there?” Flash spotted the latest issue with a Andy Warhol like soup can of buds on the cover and expose of Popeye’s spinach addiction and Pete Brady’s Budder Bonanza feature.

“What do you mean new?” Marc was thrown off…

“New as in Latest issue! Can I have a copy Marc? Can I, can I?” Flash was insistant.

“Ok, One, But you Better READ Whole Thing!” Marc broke all the rules, and Flash made himself scarce with his latest treasure issue.

Didn’t take long to pass through the skids along West Hastings all the way to Commercial and Venables and be dropped off across from Da kine cafe on the number 20 Bus. Flash had met a Newly-Wed couple from Texas, he was a glass blower and was the one told flash about “Operation Pipe Cleaner” and how he had been made a fugitive for his Art.

Flash had directed them to Da kine cafe and hoped to catch up with them before the went on to view the degenerate fine glass art show at the Melting Point Gallery .

He did not find them there, but took up in conversation another inobtuse fellow who Flash informed of the potency and volatility of the budder at $5 a hit off the knives.

The magician server guy came in offering the silver tray and glass cylinder around and the tourist gave it a go. After his toke which he inhaled smoothly with class and grace he sorta shook his head and then he slid most of gram of Skunk across the table to Flash said something like “You, you Keep it. I’ve had too much already. I tried one of everything… I’ll never get through them all!” Then he rose abruptly and jolted out the smoking room.

Enbravened Flash antied up for a budder hit and the magician server gave him quite a healthy dollop.

Flash really tried this time to take as much oxygen in with it as possible hoping this would help.

His nicotine coated lungs begged to differ and as gracefully as he could manage he exited the enclosure and with as serene expression as he could muster slipped by the budder girl into the private washroom where he soaked his face and neck with cool water and went through half a roll of paper towels coughing up phlegm and blowing his nose.

Then tentatively at first, he regained his composure long enough to make it through the front door and down the street to the Melting point gallery, coughing all the way like a TB Victim.

Flash brushed by Bubbleman gasping out only “JUICE! MUST HAVE RAW JUICE!” rushing up to his friend and saviour at www.livingsourcecafe.ca. He could not muster enough for a $7.00 fruit smoothie but bargained for a $4.50 pure fresh squeezed organic glass of cold soothing orange juice that he could feel healing him from chest to toes.

He apologized to Bubbleman for rushing by in such haste and explained the conditions of his tattered lungs to the sympathetic ear.

Further along Commercial drive Flash happened upon Bill Small’s principle player in the Tall Brothers reefer jazz group that has been featured on pot tv and entertained at many of Marc Emery’s Catered events including Chris and Renee’s wedding, New Years Eve, and the boat cruises during Toker’s Bowl.

It was Bill Smalls who took on the responsibility to be Renee Boje’s bail-bondsman and received an Absolute Discharge for his involvement in helping the BC Compassion Club get its start with medical grade high quality organic cannabis.

More recently when a popular residence for a number of prominent advocates and activists, artists and intellectuals, was illegally raided and searched and there was much confusion as to the ownership of the confiscated cannabis on the scene as to whom it belonged to.

Bill Smalls, again stepped up to the plate taking responsibility for all without regard for his own liberty, freedom or safety.

Flash came home like Mr Rogers, or Mr Dress-Up! and his tickle trunk, and opened his knapsack to reveal to his roomies the treasures he’d returned with… but really it had been just another day at the office.Flash smokes up CC editor Dana Larsen