How to breed killer clones

What pot growers call “cloning,” botanists refer to as “asexual reproduction.” This just means that parts of favored plants are cut and rooted, creating smaller plants virtually identical to the original.
The advantages of cloning include genetic continuity, creating all-female gardens, and reducing the length of the growing cycle. One disadvantage of cloning is that plants grown this way can be less vigorous and disease-resistant than plants grown from seeds.

Also, growers who work only with clones are forfeiting the chance to increase marijuana’s ability to survive on earth: genetic diversity through sexual reproduction is the only way that plants and animals can evolve fast enough to keep up with changing habitat conditions.

For the sake of genetic diversity, and to ensure vigorous plants, growers should start with seeds and produce new mother plants every few crops.

Here’s a guide to the basics of proper cloning technique

Mother plant