Canabian Day Festival II

The purpose of this event is to give local cannabis communities an opportunity to gather together and enjoy a day of relaxation, entertainment and cannabis pride within our “zones of freedom”.
Gatherings such as this are becoming more and more common in Canada as the cannabis legalization movement continues to strengthen. We are closer to legalization than we’ve been in over 30 years (Le Dain Commission, 1973). Canada has the potential to become the world leader in rational cannabis policies, but first we have to educate our politicians about the signifigant harms created by the criminalization of cannabis.

Legalization WILL happen once enough of us stand up.

The sooner we all stand up the sooner the laws will change.

If you haven’t been to an event like this before don’t miss this one. We haven’t had any problems with attendees or the police during previous events. We treat the event location and the police with respect and they in turn allow us the freedom to gather and demonstrate without interference.

(*Please don’t bring alcohol to this event and at the end of the day please help out by putting your trash in a garbage can. We intend to leave the event site as clean, or cleaner, than we found it.)

The Supreme Court of Canada has stated in December 2003 that if any change to cannabis laws is to be forthcoming it must come from Parliament. So now we must focus on educating and influencing our politicians and the general public. Politicians will not take on a “controversial” issue unless he or she is aware of sufficient support amoung the public.

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