Smoke Signals 420

Flash’s doctor’s office is right off Helmcken and Granville towards St Paul’s. He had 45 minutes to kill before his appointment so decided to kill it along the block of Granville off Helmcken. He could have priced rubber sheep and dildos and one of the several XXX shops; or spent a fortune on 25 cent token peep shows; pursued the leather shops to learn the latest fetish; or got a tattoo on his forearm says “HIV ” like the Benetton adds or maybe had his tongue pierced. Instead, he escaped from the bright sunlight into the long narrow Cafe called “Smoke Signals 420.”
Flash did not expect to be recognized at the cafe, off his usual route, but, when he came through the door the flaxen haired manageress, her hair tied up in dreds, wearing a bright orange undersized t shirt, waved immediately to him from behind the glass counter, where the least expensive metal and glass pipes are for $10.00 to $35.00 for tourists, who may wish to ditch their paraphernalia before attempting to re-enter their country. In front of her were the high-end glass pieces in their own exclusive glass cabinet everything rangeing from $30.00 to $250.00 Canadian dollars.

To Flash’s surprise she called him by his correct name. “Hi John!” she greeted him. Flash smiled, delighted to be recognized, especially by an attractive “stoner chick” so made his way to the back counter to settle on a Pepsi cola, although he usually declares himself “not part of the ‘Pepsi generation’ but rather ‘Gen X ‘ like Canadian writer Douglas Coupland, who mainly lives in West Vancouver writes…

There is no cover but, at the smoke easies, its usually customary to buy a token something to take while your ‘tokin.’ Noticing first the large mirors, that help streach out the cafe, Flash happened to turn and was extreamly taken by the surrealistic mural that the Airbrush Man had painted, who has done work for several of the businesses on the block.

Across the top it clearly stated: “Smoke Signals 420 Vancouver B.C.,” but the Heavy-Metal-Magazine-like, scene depicted was of a British Columbia ‘Post Prohibition’ or perhaps in a past Primordial time. The forests were not of pine but of tall magnificent Sativas, the steaming rugged volcanoes sent up smoke signals that said “420” while others blew perfect rings such as D.M.L. is known to exhale. A raging, cold, pure, white-water river terraced through it.

But there was something odd about the face of the smoking volcanic cavernous mountain in the second panel- Reminescant of Mount Rushmore, there were faces carved out of the rock. Bubble’s glasses were unmistakable and the pompadors made it certain. The figure’s carved in the primordial rock face were those of the “Trailer Park Boys.”

Also at the glass counter was the Unknown Soldier, sponsor of the “The Lizard,” 4.0755 points out of 5 average (Hashplant by Sensi) first place winner. The Unknown Soldier was out of his camouflage for the moment and was enjoying a bong of bubble hash with the charming hostess. “Hey Flash Come up Here!” he beckoned. “I got The Lizard.” The Unknown Freedom Fighter rolled up a well rounded joint of the special stuff. Flash did his best to match with some Eh Train from the bottom of his bag, from High Voltage Cannaceuticals, which unlike the top-most nuggs. The bottom of the bag was not up to the high standards which a connoisseur, such as the soldier’s reputation was proceeded with, may have taken objection to it, worried Flash. But, instead, he was good natured and kindly enough to say of the offering, “that’s good, but Try The Lizard!” passing Flash a fragrant spliff that was kinda hard to not go ‘Highskewl on it,’ before passing to the left, after double clutching a couple of times. It went to the svelte stranger in the white t shirt that had appeared at Flash’s elbow.

In fact customer’s were coming and going, popping in and out for pipes, papers and accessories, plus there was even T-shirts and Hoodies with the Smoke Signals 420 logo on them. Tina explained, from behind the counter, that the website for smoke signals 420 would soon be under construction and it is their hope that they will be able to ship decorative glass all over the world. So,when customers fear drawing attention to themselves with customs in transporting their 250.00 glass decorative bong home; Smoke Signals 420 will be able to handle the shipping of them. She laughed, when Flash asked her about the clever use of the ‘Trailer Park Boy’s’ in the mural and showed him the autographed Trailer Park postcard they had replied with when they were brought a photo of the Work of Art, and of the Boy’s promised to drop in next time in Vansterdam, as they did Marc at B.C. Marijuana Party H.Q..

( )

Flash made himself comfortable testing out the blackish bubble hash in the cafe’s stylized glass bong. “What time is it anyhow?” Flash’s internal clock had kicked in and it WAS time to go to make his Doctor’s appointment on time.

Flash’s doctor is an A.I.D.S. specialist who lectures all over the world. He’s about as hip as Dr’s get and has of course heard “everything” already with offices located in the West End. The gentle Dr. doesn’t balk at cannabis, even understands it’s theraputic, but, isn’t ready to sign papers; risk his Dr’s insurance and reputation by “getting political about it.” Where as most people try to be as sober as a judge going to see their Dr., Flash prefers his Dr. see him in his “natural state” or as wise Dead-head once advised: “Never Let ‘um See You Straight.”

“May I be the first to ask for your autograph?,” his kindly Dr. quiried coyly him when they met for the appointment.

“Wha-?” replied flash, thinking there was something he had to sign.

“I’ve see you on T.V. more often than I’ve seen you in person it seem’s! Don’t think I don’t see you on TV!” He ribbed Flash further about his mystery interview on C.T.V. or wherever archive from, Flash didn’t know, but this was like the Third person this week that told him that.

The Dr. wasn’t sure at first why Flash had come that day really? Although Flash had missed his last apointment and was well overdue, Flash really had nothing to complain about and seemed relatively happy. The Doc did advise Flash to Stop, Before he had a cigarette or coffee, and ask himself “Do I REALLY need a this cigarette now? Do I really need a coffee now?” and then to try to figure out ‘Why…?’

It had been a really good afternoon and with Smoke Signals 420 so close by Helmcken up Granville. Flash would actually be looking forward to his future Dr.’s appointments.