Twilight Time Warp?

Today Flash woke up to a house of sleeping roommates, smoked a joint of Eh Train from High Voltage cannaceticals, and looked at his mother’s numberless clock on the living room mantle. It was already 2:45 pm! He Knocked on his roommates door, told him he was off to the bank, and made a dash for the #20 Victoria bus. It seemed odd on the way not to see Blair’s green Sandwich Board Sign out front of GrassRoots Hemp and Drums on 4th. Perhaps he was playing soccer today, Flash surmised. Flash cashed his cheque at the money mart as bank closes at three and considered having a deep fried mars bar drizzled in rasberry sauce and covered in whip cream at the belgium fries place but for some reason didn’t quite feel up for a sugar rush.
Remembering this was Tiger’s first day helping out at Da Kine Cafe Flash hopped the next bus past Joe’s Cafe to the popular new hot spot.

The cafe was showing itself to be ‘Middle Ground’ for many in the Cannabis Greater Community. Not only has Pete Brady, Dana Larsen, and the Prince of Pot and David M Levine, The Advanced crew and esteemed Mr Conroy been frequented there but, Norm ,the radiologist from Chiliwak who ran in last two elections under the Marijuana banner. ( but also Tim Felger (see,,

Tim tell’s of discouvering as early as the late 70’s, while a chauffeur at the Pentagon, that the CIA, and DEA working with the Army always brought The Best Bud into the USA themselves and are still are hip deep in the International Drug Trade.)

Crack the CIA, by is an excellent expose on the largest cocaine and terrorist organization on the planet, the CIA. which was First Place Winner at the 1st Annual Drug War Vigil Video Contest. (

What else would explane why Washington DC had Best Thai-Stick, Best Acapulco Gold, Hawaiian, Panama Red, and Afghani?

“Not BC , Washington D.C.!” declares Felger, “The smoothest tokes I have ever had! before or Since” says the seasoned breeder”

Flash remembered Ronald Regan called the rebel forces in Afghanistan “Freedom Fighter’s” then the hash they used to get here through Nfld. It was sealed in gold paint with crossed rifles and a half moon symbol. Felt good, when told, to be supporting them in their kabutzes, literally underground like Dune, buying weapons to fight the nasty soviet communists, while America was rooting for Col. Oliver North.

This mecca on the Drive has developed in what has always been considered the ‘Alternative End’ of The Drive. Where bare-breasted radical lesbian feminists may strut their stuff and Health Food conscious ‘lefties’ can indulge their tastes on authentic organic vagan specialties or gourmet ‘raw food’ or everyone’s guilty pleasure Chocolate and Organic Coffee.

With, ‘The Spirit Within,’ Ken Hayes, Drug War Refugee’s smart Entheobotanical shop; Bubbleman’s, Melting Point Gallery, with its exquisite glass pieces and cutting edge vapor technology; plus, Britannia park, traditionally a meeting place of the boheime, you could demise that there would be some ‘spirit of competition’ amongst the businesses in this burgeoning Utopia.

However, as Ken Hayes clearly states, “The only Spirit is one of ‘Community.'” Ken likens it to a shopping center; “You go to the mall, not to visit one store but them All!” However when the transit bus pulled up to Da Kine the chairs were stacked in the window? Across the street the Melting Point was closed as well! Flash thought first to go to Ken’s ask him what Pogrom had taken place here today? Flash’s mind flashed back to the stories of Fr. Bistro used to tell at Saint Thomas Moore college…

The old Friar told a story how the cafes in Paris were full of catholics and intellectuals who would sit and enjoy the day, with newspapers, cigarettes, capaccino, and sketching pads, argue dadaism and Atheism, Papist views and Communism. But, when the Nazi’s came the tables were over turned and the streets deserted but for the odd newspaper blowing down the street. The “Ism’s” had disappeared from from the Quarter under the black boots.

Flash recalled what he had mused with the CTV reporter : That, perhaps the Cannabis businesses that our gracious Mayor Campbell allows, and the good treatment tokers, and soft drug tourists, receive within the boundaries of Vancouver was a temporary show?

David Malmo Levine describes the “quaint jewish ghetto” the Nazi’s allowed the world to see when they hosted the Olympics to show the world “How well they treated the Jewish, Handicapped and Homosexuals.” These dark thoughts passed through Flash like a cold shiver. Even Britannia Park seemed stark and unusually deserted.

On the return journey home Flash hopped off the bus at the Compassion Club. A lady was at the desk but, the door Locked. It looked like they were closing up for the day… Flash shook the door and peered in, he had wanted to try the Bumblebee water hash. “Is it 6 pm Already?” Flash questioned through the glass, and pointed at his bare wrist as if it were a sun dial. The lady smiled and gave him a gracious nod.

Once he got home on next bus, he thought to phone his long time buddy from high school Rob, to let him know he’d bought him a book about “The David Letterman Show” at the friendly deaf guy’s closing out sale, next to Da Kine.

“Nice of you to call so Early in the Morning…” Rob stated flatly. “You usually don’t call till evening ???..” “Whah ?!!! Flash gasped. “What time is it?”

“11 AM! Go Back to Bed you Stoner!” Rob jeered, laughing heartily.

Flash realized the Compassion Clubs and Businesses weren’t closed down or driven out of business on the Drive in a Krystal Nacht or brutal Pogrom. They just don’t open till 11am.!

The arms of Mom’s numberless clock must have read 8:45 AM.