CC Subscriber Gift Giveaway

We at Cannabis Culture appreciate our subscribers and we love giving them gifts!
We ran a promotional contest in issue #50 for all subscribers in which we held a random draw to give away assorted CC prize packs.

Look at the list below to see if you’re one of our 30 lucky winners!

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International: 5

N.J. in Australia
S.B. in Ireland
L.V. in Australia
A.W. in Germany
R.M. in Finland

Canada – 14

P.D. in Ontario
E.L. in Ontario
J.G. in Alberta
A.U. in B.C.
M.C. in N.S.
D.L. in N.F.
D.H. on Quebec
D.Z. in Manitoba
R.P. in Ontario
S.W. in B.C.
R.S. in Quebec
H.B. in B.C.
P.W. in B.C.
K.M. in B.C.

USA – 11

S.C. In Oregon
L.R. in Montana
B.S. in Washington
W.H. in Virginia
J.F. in California
J.H. in Washington
S.S. in Iowa
M.S. in New York
S.F. in Colorado
D.C. in Califronia
M.A. in Kansas