Perilous principals

A famous writer once said, “the thinker thinks what the prover proves.” You could say that’s the motto of South Haven High School in Michigan, where an assistant principal was busted for planting cannabis in the locker of a student he thought was a drug dealer last February. The errant educator was caught after a drug dog failed to find the stashed pot. The drug dog did, however, find a whole drawer filled with baggies of marijuana and assorted pills ? in the educator’s office.
The pot-planting principal claimed that the mountain of bud in his drawer was evidence to be used in future expulsion hearings before the school board, but a school board member testified that the fellow had never brought buds to expulsion hearings in the past.

At least we didn’t hear such lame excuses from a principal in Alabama arrested for possession of crack cocaine after being pulled over in his car in February 2004. The unfortunate fellow was considered one of the best principals the school ever had. “He was always nice, even when punishing people,” said one admirer. “He was always smiling.” The school’s morale took a hit when the principal was later forced to resign.