Support antiprohibitionism at the UN

The United Nations (UN) has long been a tool for drug-war oppression throughout the world. Admittedly, within the UN, there is at least one organization that opposes such insanity. The Transnational Radical Party (TRP) is an antiprohibitionist Italy-based political party that has members elected to the European Union and consultative Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) status at the UN. Now they need your help.
TRP leaders and founders have been arrested for distributing and using marijuana during massive public rallies that protest pot prohibition in Italy. They oppose the drug war at the international level by jamming the UN’s signal of outright and unqualified support for warring on natural and medicinal herbs.

They sponsor many other enlightened projects that uplift oppressed peoples around the globe. They have fought tirelessly for human rights in Tibet, Russia and Hanoi, leading to international pressure from dictatorial governments to remove them from the UN. Currently, because of their support for oppressed peoples in Hanoi, the Vietnam government has tabled a motion to strip the TRP of its consultative status at the UN for a period of three years.

Please visit their website and sign their petition, asking that their consultative status not be removed.

There are too few international antiprohibitionist organizations. One less would be a tragedy.