Bud busting balls

A handy Canadian product called Herby’s Twist won the first place Product Innovation prize at the 2003 Cannabusiness trade show in Germany, and for good reason.
Herby’s Twist are plastic bud grinders, but ball-shaped, and with a magnetic bond between the halves. Each grinder is colored and decorated, with design options including a pot leaf, an eight-ball, a smiley face, or a bulls-eye.

Textured, symmetrical thumb grips on each half of the Herby’s Twist offer a firm and slip-free hold for efficient grinding. Its plastic pyramid spikes chop up dense bud as effectively as standard grinders. They can also be easily cleaned, using just soap and water.

The magnetic action ensures that if you drop your grinder or keep it in your pocket, the two halves will tend to stay together. It is a great portable container that can be used to transport a small amount of bud, without the worry of spillage into your car or backpack.

The novel shape and toy-like appearance of the Herby’s Twist offers a safer alternative to traditional grinders, as cops might not be so quick to assume your innocent toy ball is concealing the devil’s weed.

? Herby’s Twist: 416-767-1200; email [email protected]; web www.herbystwist.com