Fill the Hill

On Saturday June 5 at 1 PM, Canada’s cannabis community will converge on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill to protest the nation’s pot war. In attendance will be a full roster of high-profile pot activists delivering exciting and educational speeches.
Since Canada’s Supreme Court recently denied a constitutional challenge to the laws, it is increasingly important for cannaphiles to find creative new ways to express their dismay at decades of persecution, and the June 5 protest, dubbed “Fill the Hill” by organizer Jody Pressman, is perfectly tailored to the times.

One of the lawyers that headed the failed constitutional challenge to Canada’s pot laws, John Conroy, is of the opinion that the Supreme Court’s message was essentially that the ball is in the court of government. The question now is, will the government do anything in terms of positive change?

A government bill that was supposedly aimed at decriminalizing pot in Canada – but would have stepped up the drug war – is rightly doomed to failure according to Canadian Senator Pierre Claude Nolin, the man responsible for the Senate report recommending legalization. This can be seen as positive change, for the government realizes that the bill is unwelcome. Yet what will replace it? Are Canadians stuck taking orders from US drug warlords?

As the election looms closer, drug war issues are positioned to play a role in deciding the balance of power in Ottawa. So the more people, of all political persuasions, who show up at the Fill the Hill protest, the more seriously the government will take the issue of drug war reform. Make a difference. Be at the hill on June 5 at 1 PM.

For more info, visit the official website of Fill the Hill:

The Honourable Pierre Claude Nolin
Chair of the Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs

Libby Davies
NDP M.P. for Vancouver-East,
Member of the House Committee on the Non-Medicinal Use of Drugs

Philippe Lucas
Canadians for Safe Access Founder, Vancouver Island Compassion Society

Alan Young
Compassion Society Lawyer, law professor, and author of Justice Defiled: Perverts, Potheads, Serial Killers & Lawyers

Marc Emery
President, B.C. Marijuana Party,
Publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine

Eugene Oscapella
Lawyer and professor
Director, Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy

Marc Boris St Maurice
Leader Marijuana Party of Canada

David Malmo-Levine
Recent Supreme Court of Canada appellant cannabis activist

Kirk Tousaw
Policy Director
B.C. Civil Liberties Association

Alison Myrden
The Medical Marijuana Mission
Health Canada federal exemptee
NDP Candidate

Marco Renda
Treating Yourself
Health Canada federal exemptee

Jude Renaud
Educators for Sensible Drug Policy

Jack Cole
Executive Director,
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Former undercover narcotics officer