The Annual Cannabis March and Festival

The March will start from Kennington Park, next to Oval Tube. Assemble at noon sharp.
Time: 1pm – 7.45pm. ?3 donation please

Festival Details
Time: 1pm – 7.45pm. ?3 donation please

Areas: Hemp Tent, Large Kids Area, Food & Craft Stalls, Grow Tent…

Sounds: From Negusa Negast, RDK Hi-Fi, SQUALL, Brighton Association of Sound Systems – B.A.S.S., Rinky Dink, Carnival Twist, Small World, King Beat Sound system – UK Hip Hop stage…

Info Spaces: Spike, Pirate TV – Tribal Peoples Film Space, Green Party, Stop the War, Indymedia, Comtech, Access All Areas, Cannabis Campaigning Groups, 3 Festival bars (so please don’t bring glass bottles into the Park).

Live Stages: To be announced

Speakers: To be announced

Plus Much More…

Due to the oil wars this festival will be powered by renewable energy, bio-diesel, love and tolerance.

The New Deal For Cannabis:
Personal possession, cultivation and non-profit distribution to be unlicensed.

Commercial trading to be regulated according to ethical/ecological trading standards.

No patenting or genetic engineering of cannabis seeds.

Pardon for all cannabis offenders

Testing for Safety not Social Control

Medical and industrial use of the cannabis plant.

Hemp Area
Experience the many benefits of hemp for food, fibre and fuel in the Hemp area.

From toasted seed to hemp milk and green juices by Hemp Seed Organics; a range of finely designed hempen women?s clothes with hand beading from SE to THTC?s urban ecowear with hard hitting slogans on original hemp content T?s. Yaoh?s new range of body products.

Brighton?s The Hemp Store have clothing, accessories, fabrics and hemp plastic digereedoos; and campaign veterans Jack and Tina from CLCIA will have a full range of literature to educate and broaden your outlook.

Info on house building, home making and living life with hemp including the development of a hemp farm and hemp focused community in south England.

Come and find out more on the day