New hash and new shops hit Vancouver

As Vancouver morphs into Vansterdam and the city’s transformation to a North American Amsterdam becomes more and more obvious, visitors are finding it easier than ever to enjoy a high vacation.
Despite the crippling fires, apparently caused by arson, that recently damaged or destroyed the Hastings Street cannabusinesses that most made Vancouver feel like Amsterdam, entrepreneurs and activists are creating new cannabis enclaves in different parts of Vancouver.

After many months of struggling to get business licenses and to complete renovations on their building, the folks who created the Canadian Sanctuary Society and Da Kine Smoke and Beverage Shop are finally debuting the latest pot cafe to hit the local market.

“We’ve created a place where people can benefit from a medical cannabis environment,” explains Carol, one of the co-founders of the trendy shop, located at 1018 Commercial Drive in Vancouver. “We’re here to provide glass, medical assistance, music, fun, and information to tourists and locals.”

During the first week that the cafe has been open, it was visited by a dedicated and fearless canna-inventor who calls himself BudderKing. He was carrying a kit that included a butane torch. The kit facilitates the use of a new hashish product called “budder.”

Budder is a light green compound made entirely from cannabis buds that scoops easily and is best inhaled by itself from a hot knife or coal.

It produces an initial rush that appears to be stronger than any other cannabis product on the market, has a unique flavor, and produces a THC-rich high that is clear, psychedelic, and long-lasting.

BudderKing is ready to debut his product on the world market. He hopes that Budder will take its place alongside, if not above, the legendary Bubblehash product that took the hashish world by storm several years ago.

Carol says that products like Budder are harm reduction methods that allow people to medicate quickly and with maximum effect. She says Da Kine is fortunate to attract people who are cannabis innovators.

She explains that BudderKing has given her scientific test results showing that Budder is extremely pure and contains very high levels of THC, which is the most sought-after cannabinoid.

Products like Budder will be available only at Da Kine, she says.

The new cafe looks to be a gathering point for activists, cannabis lovers, and tourists. Other pot cafes are not so up front about their services as Da Kine, but people “in the know” can find the cafes, and are often able to purchase cannabis as easily as if the cafes were coffeeshops in Holland.

“We’ve had a lot of fun trying to get our business concept to be approved by the city inspectors,” Carol says, exhaling a hit of Budder. “We didn’t lie to them. We explained our dedication to medicine and to our customers. Some of them have been very supportive of our idea, even giving us tips on how to make this work better for everyone. It could only happen in Vansterdam.”

For security reasons, Carol says that Da Kine does not yet have a website, email, or phone contact.

“We know people will want to talk to us about Budder and becoming a member of Da Kine, but we feel it’s important to meet people face to face in Vancouver rather than talk to them on the Net or by phone,” she explains. “Commercial Drive is a fun part of town. We’ve got the gourmet food stores and a good feeling going here. When you’re in town, come see us. We can talk about Budder, and explain how the Sanctuary Society works for people interested in fine medicines and accesories.”